Secret Desires of the Introvert in College

College is a time of new experiences, and that includes meeting lots of new people and socializing almost constantly. For some people, that's a lot to take in all at once. Those college students who are introverted know how exhausting living at a big university can be. If we had our way, things would probably be pretty different. Here's what introverted college kids secretly wish for on a day-to-day basis:

1. Every time your professor announces a group project, they immediately follow it with “but feel free to work by yourself instead.”

2. A completely empty dining hall.

3. Nobody lurking in the hallways of the dorm.

4. Having people ask the best way to reach you, so that you can say ‘email’ and avoid talking on the phone.

5. Walking to class on an empty sidewalk.

6. Not running into anyone you know at the gym.

7. Finding out you have class with your closest friends.

8. Beating the security check in every night.

9. Dating somebody you’re already friends with and avoiding the mingling and getting-to-know-you phases of the dating scene.

10. When your roommate offers to go get the food from the delivery guy.

11. Class being canceled so you can stay in your room and watch Netflix instead.

So dream on, you beautiful introverted humans. Live your best, slightly shy, life. 


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