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The Scrunchie is Back: 5 Ways to Wear the Timeless Accessory

If you had asked me a few years ago about scrunchies, I would recall a 90s trend that I thought was a thing of the past. But recently, the scrunchie has made waves on the runway, in celebrity wardrobes, and everyday style. From Jennier Lopez to Whitney Port, the scrunchie has become the new catalyst in an effortlessly sexy look that so many celebs are rocking! Read on to see how many ways you can style the easy, elegant accessory. 

1. Trendy Top-Knot

Rock a playful scrunchie by creating a top-knot! The hairdo is so versatile it can either be a ballerina bun or a messy look for studying. Not only will the thick hair piece keep the bun in place, but also add some fun!

2. Half Up/Half Down

Both Whitney Port and Cressida Bonas love this look! When you want your hair out of your face but don’t feel like going all the way, opt for a half up style. The scrunchie is sure to keep your hair in place while also offering a cute 90s-inspired look. Kelly Kapowski flashback, anyone?

3. Casual Pony

There’s something about the scrunchie that gives a boring ponytail a suddenly sexy makeover. Working mom Kate Beckinsale proves that while still fun, scrunchies can be sophisticated. Switch to a classic black or white scrunchie as your everyday hairtie from damaging hair elastics. They will treat your hair better while also giving your pony a little extra oomph.

4. High Fishtail Braid

Looking for a brand new going out look? Try Selena’s fashion-forward fishtail braid. Use the scrunchie to create a high pony and braid, making it as polished or messy as you like. Who knew a scrunchie could give you a super edgy party look?

5. Messy Bun

We all have our lazy days. Creating a messy bun with a scrunchie is the perfect way to achieve that effortless look you want. This is the perfect style for studying, an early morning class or a night in the dorm. And the scrunchie will give your tresses some well-deserved R & R!

Find your favorite scrunchie style and go out and rock it!

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