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My Attempt To Fall In Love With My Post-Pandemic Body

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone both physically and mentally. It's so easy to get in your head when you're trapped at home for months on end, examining your body and overthinking your flaws. When you aren't able to go to the gym and don't have to worry about seeing anyone, it's hard to find the motivation to work out. Sitting behind a screen every day seeing these "perfect" bodies on social media can affect your mental health. Even though we all know how easy it is to edit a picture, it still has some impact on your thoughts about your own body. I have faced the challenge of trying to love my post-pandemic body but here are a few things that helped. 

1. You are living during one of the craziest times of your life.

This pandemic is something no one has experienced before so no matter how you handled it, it's okay. The most important part of the pandemic was making sure your mental health is okay. If you want to spend your day binge-watching shows and not getting out of bed that's okay. If working out was something you found hard to do at home that's also okay. Everyone is confined to their homes with limited things to do. Nothing anyone has ever been through before. So if you notice your body has changed over the past year that's okay, it's normal. Being locked up for the first time in your life your body should change it would be weird if it didn't!

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2. Everyone is going through the same thing

No matter what your size is, you are not alone. This pandemic has caused everyone to gain some weight and see changes in their bodies. None of us were prepared for this. Instead of worrying about what other people are thinking, it's important to remember they are probably thinking the same thing about themselves. Everyone is consumed in their bodies that no one is worried about your body or how it looks. Even if you gained some weight chances are the majority of the population you're around every day did too. So does it really matter if you gained a few pounds if everyone else did too? We're all in this together.

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3. You only have one body 

What is the point of hating your body when it's the only thing you've got?! If you don't love yourself or your body it's not like your going to get a new one. Shaming your body is just a waste of energy. There is no reason to not be comfortable in your skin. Your the only one who inspects your body that much. You are constantly staring at it whether it be in the mirror or on your phone. No one else sees you more than you. So just love what you've got and be confident with your body. 

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4. Warm weather is coming!

The toughest part of the pandemic is over. Being locked at home in freezing cold weather and endless dark days are behind us. With the US starting to slowly reopen with the nice weather again, it gives us an opportunity to walk outside. Explore the world; there's so much to be seen which is something I think so many people have realized over this time. Walking is the most basic form of physical activity you can do. Whether it's a 5-mile walk or just to your closest convenience store, your body hasn't been able to just move freely in so long it will thank you. Who knows, maybe you'll see your body start changing again. 

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It's been hard to watch my body change over the past year but I always remind myself this is a complete shut down of the world. If my body changes let it, it's okay. You only have one so what's the point of hating it. I continue to work to love my body but trying to get outside and walk as much as possible has recently helped with my anxiety surrounding my body and help clear my mind. 

Sydney Dion

U Mass Amherst '23

Communication Disorders Major
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