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Mini Bucket List: What Would I Do if the World Ended in Five Days?

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It is a near-impossible situation, but sometimes I think about what would happen if the world ended in a matter of five days. Of course, common sense tells me that there is a rare chance we would be informed about this, but to put it lightly — it would be a massive change. Every year, from my mega bucket list, I pick and choose things that are of the utmost importance to me. Completion of these experiences is not simply a want, they are a need. So, if through some miracle we are informed that the world would end in just five days, here are the few things I’d accomplish before that asteroid strikes!

Do An All Around The World Treasure Hunt

Here is my way of saying that I’d like to spend more time with my family and friends. Every time we meet up, something crazy goes down and there is nothing that makes me happier than spending time at home. We’re all a bunch of adventurers, always up for a challenge. Complete with a map, clues, and hidden treasures, a treasure hunt sounds like the perfect way to spend the weekend. The rewards in the end would lead to family photographs and relics that would make everyone reminisce the good ol’ times. I want to make it bigger than ever before, taking my family back to trips we took in Bali and Paris, trudging through the same quaint restaurants and picturesque spots to search and find little prizes! 

Make a Croquembouche

Everyone who grew up watching Masterchef Australia still gets goosebumps about that one “Pressure Test” episode from season six that required the contestants to make a croquembouche. For those who don’t know, a croquembouche is a beautiful and dazzling French dessert that typically involves choux pastry and caramel. Choux pastry puffs with delicious filling are stacked together in what looks like a Christmas tree and tied together with strings of caramel glaze. It is a dessert unlike any other, and I would love to try my hand at it! 

Get a DNA test

This has been on my “mega bucket list” since the day I got to know about DNA testing. Irrespective of whether the world ends or not, it’s just one of those things that I really want to do. With a sample of your DNA, a professional can offer you a deep dive into your health and wellness. Analysis of these tests can lead you into understanding family history, heart health, predisposition to diseases, carrier status, and how certain genes influence your lifestyle. As someone who wants to research and work with the medical community, I believe this is the kind of thing I need to understand myself better physically and provide myself with the best possible future!

Attend a Concert

It is a sheer embarrassment for me that I have never once been to a concert. I can give excuse after excuse about not having time and not having any friends to go with. Yet, when the final moments of my life are flashing before my eyes, I know this will remain one of my biggest regrets. That being said, having the opportunity to watch Halsey or The 1975 live would be a total thrill fest. The vibe that a concert sets — the music, the audience singing back, the flashing lights, the on-stage drama, making friends in the crowd — is one that I would love to be part of. If this had to be my very first and at the same time very last concert, why not just add in a meet and greet? Thinking about this is already getting me excited!

Write a Message in a Bottle

Last but not least! The ocean has been my place of calm since childhood. Due to COVID-19, it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to go visit a beach and dip my feet into the waves. So, stories about sailors, pirates, shipwrecks, and islands have had to suffice. The possibility of anyone out in the big blue seas finding a message that I wrote is definitely exciting. What would they think? Would they write back? The conundrum is thinking about what to write if the world were to end. I’ll simply write about my last five wonderful days! From my first concert ever to understanding my health more to literally roaming around the world collecting treasures to creating an epic dessert, I’m sure the person reading it would be thoroughly entertained.

Even though this is a hypothetical situation, writing this article has given me the motivation to start conquering some of these goals. Bucket lists are always a good way to spur action and remind oneself of all the amazing things that are still left to explore and discover in this life!  

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Rhea Mukherjee

U Mass Amherst '24

Rhea Mukherjee is a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, she is majoring in Psychology and double minoring in English and Biology. A people's person, Rhea has a deep passion for mental health, awareness and adolescent wellness. When she's not nose-deep in work, you can find her strumming her ukulele, reading memoirs or writing poetry!
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