Journaling: The Perfect Hobby for De-Stressing This Semester

It's 2018 and journaling is trending now more than ever — for good reason. Not only can you organize your daily thoughts, emotions, and schedule, it also acts as a mechanism for de-stressing. There's no one right way to journal; the options are endless. It's entirely up to you to discover your preferred style! Further, the benefits of journaling come off the page and go beyond the words you write. Dr. Jason Powers of Psychology Today reports that health benefits are associated with the hobby: "Overall, the research suggests that journaling improves immune system function, reduces health problems, and helps the out-of-work journal-keeper find employment faster after he or she has lost a job," he writes. Although it may be vulnerable at first, writing in a journal allows you to freely express your emotions without others judgments. Below are some ideas to help jumpstart your journaling process. Don’t feel the pressure to stick to one type; mix and mingle with these styles or create your own!

Dream Journal

If you're like me and forget even the craziest dreams, you can recall them by writing them down. Then you can tell your friends a wild story without forgetting that big part where you and Drake end up getting married on top of the Hollywood sign while Lady Gaga is singing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Maybe that's just me ... but you get the point. Wake up and write down that dream! It’s a pleasant way to feel refreshed and get a head start on your day.

Time-Crunch Journal

For those who are looking to de-stress daily but don't have the time to write a lengthy journal entry, this journaling method is for you. Set an alarm on your phone, laptop or clock every day you that signals you to journal for 3-5 minutes. It doesn't require much time, but it still allows you to express your thoughts on paper. This is the perfect de-stressing journal to create balance in your work, school and social life.

30-Day Journal Prompts

Find these prompts on Tumblr, Instagram, or my favorite, Pinterest! Everyday prompts are perfect for those who want guidance in their journaling. With this style, you don’t need to free-write or feel pressured to just write about your feelings. This structure acts as a great starting point for self-expression and elaboration within your comfort zone! The prompts also promote daily journaling and help build or rebuild your habit. This is my go-to form and maybe it will be yours too! Try it out with a simple Pinterest search!

Doodle Journal

It may sound mindless, but doodling permits the processing of your emotions, feelings, and daily stress without the hassle of actually writing words! It acts as a segue for those that feel their emotions are expressed through drawing in a way that writing can't. Your journal is your interpretation; have fun with it! Another option for those who don't find it satisfactory to merely write is to add collages filled with photos, magazine articles, or stickers to your entries! Take a look at these adorable journals from our favorite, Erin Condren!

Bullet Journal

Created three years ago by Ryder Carroll, this is a trendy new way to organize your life. It’s a wonderful combination of your to-do list, diary, schedule and sketchbook. An open space made for you with a basic system that allows your ideas to flow and your mind to transition seamlessly throughout multiple aspects of your life. To take a deeper look at the bullet journal lifestyle, go here!

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