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The Instagram Account You Should Follow: @TheNakedDiaries

We live in a world of illusions; the images that are constantly thrown in our face are almost always doctored. It makes us feel as though there are these really high standards and we have to live up to them. But who has smooth skin, white straight teeth, plump lips, and the perfect curves? Here is your answer, none of us do!  

But even knowing that truth, you cannot help but scroll through Instagram and somewhere deep down wish that you could achieve the same looks you see. It’s easy to tell that this a serious problem when there are literally promotions for apps that will make you a new person and “perfect” your pictures. The Kardashian and Jenner sisters are not the only ones guilty of using these apps either–most of us are. I can count right now, I have 10 apps besides Instagram loaded with filters, blurring and whitening tools. 10! According to social media a skinny face with high cheek bones, plump lips, and perfect brows is the only way you can be considered pretty.

I am not trying to say that editing our photos is a bad thing. It can be fun and it’s okay if you want to touch up a bit. What I am trying to get across is that there is not just one way to be “pretty.” We come in all different shapes and sizes

So, imagine how refreshing it was to find an Instagram that was real. I was scrolling through my feed when I noticed a picture of a female’s stomach. It was not flat, there were no abs–instead it was a stomach with rolls and lines, and stretch marks- and it was the most beautiful picture I had ever seen on Instagram. Finally, an account that honored all body types and was raw, honest, and did not try to disguise anything out of shame!

The account is called “TheNakedDiaries.” Its aim: “the naked revolution.” When they say naked, they do not just mean no clothes (although most of the pictures feature nudity). It is about being proud of the way we look and posting photos free of edits and filters. The picture is naked.

What’s best about this account is that it allows people to talk about anything on their body that they have dealt with or have found a way to be proud of. For example, one that really got me was a picture someone sent in of them sitting down. It featured their “thigh brow”- the current craze of a skinny waist and thick thighs. Her caption was as follows:

“I have the small waist-big hips ratio that is currently desired. I am currently so proud of my body but I realized that my sudden self-love was fueled only because everyone ELSE started to love my body, everyone ELSE told me it was beautiful. I was bullied in school for these same qualities: my “thunder thighs.” It took the approval of what the internet finds beautiful for me to believe it, and I hate that. What happens when my shape is no longer the “goals?” Will my confidence disappear too?”

Illusions are cool, but being real is cooler. Go follow @TheNakedDiaries on Instagram.


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