How Her Campus UMass Has Helped Me Step Out of My Comfort Zone

I have been a member of Her Campus UMass Amherst for about a year now. Before college, I never saw myself as being a member of such a strong and empowering group. I always had a difficult time finding groups to join because I tend to keep to myself and stay within my comfort zone.

However, joining HC UMass helped me to interact with other Collegiettes and taught me a lot about other women’s experiences. In fact, one of the most welcoming aspects of HC UMass is that there are so many Collegiettes with similar goals, but different backgrounds. The organization gave me a new perspective on what it's like to have open conversations about ourselves with one another.

Her Campus UMass also provided me with a platform which let me step out of my writing comfort zone by giving me the opportunity to write about my own experiences and perspectives. Writing for HC has given me the opportunity to step away from traditional academic writing and share my passions and stories. I have found that the organization is a great way for women to bond because we can read and share other members’ stories.

In past groups that I have been a member of, I have sometimes found it hard to interact with the other members. But as the Secretary and Events Coordinator for HC UMass, I have found that I have been able to connect with the girls in the organization. Whether we are attending events or tabling together, Her Campus UMass has been a place where I can truly talk with other participants—I feel like a member of a community, not just an extracurricular club.

I write this article in hopes of reaching other Collegiette women who have had a hard time joining groups, or reaching out to a large group of people. Speaking from the perspective of someone who has been a part of a few other online publication organizations, I have found that the unique sense of community at Her Campus UMass has let me step out of my comfort zone. Whether you are a freshman or junior, the diversity and openness of Her Campus allows all members to feel welcomed. Personally, Her Campus UMass was the stepping stone that made me push myself outside of my comfort zone in social relationships, jobs, and even in classes. I hope that if you need a friendly push to broaden your horizons, you find a community that allows you to do that.

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