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Hobbies for the Modern Woman (That Aren’t Media Consumption!)

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When your phone seems to have every possible way to entertain you within its 3 by 6-inch tiny metallic shape, it’s easy to get lost in a For-You-Page instead of investing time in a hobby. Many of my close friends struggle when trying to answer the question, “What do you like to do for fun?” because the true answer is probably something along the lines of “play on my phone.” 

Having hobbies outside of your phone can be socially enriching, relaxing, and overall beneficial to your life. If you’re on a mission to find some accessible hobbies to feel like you have your life together, look no further! 


Crocheting is a hobby that from an outsider’s perspective looks super intricate and impressive, but is actually really easy to get into. All you need is a ball of yarn and a crochet hook! Crochet tutorials are all over YouTube, you can learn how to make a simple granny square in less than five minutes if you put your mind to it!


I’m the type of person who is so painfully sentimental that I haven’t thrown out a train ticket, birthday card, or Polaroid picture in years. Turns out, if you’re a collector like me, these trinkets make perfect scrapbooking supplies! If you head to your local craft store, you only need to pick up a scrapbook, some scrapbooking paper, and some glue (or maybe some fancy markers if you’re feeling that vibe)!


Not only is biking a fun social activity you can do with friends, it’s also a great way to sneak some cardio into your day! Health is wealth!!!

If you don’t have a bike, eBay or Facebook marketplace always have cheap second-hand options.


Spending a few minutes a day lost in a good book is a great way to increase your vocabulary, learn more about the world, and unwind. Pro-tip: if you have a Tik Tok account, search “book recommendations.”

Crossword Puzzles

These have been a recent obsession of mine. I love a good crossword. It activates parts of my brain that I feel have been dusted over for years. Would recommend! 

Learn a new Language

The free app DuoLingo is a great resource, with 40+ language courses to try out. Learning a new language teaches so much about cultures, customs, boosts creativity, and expands future opportunities. I’m currently learning Irish, and love impressing my friends with my new knowledge.

Screens can be harsh on the eyes, and it can be frustrating when you realized you’ve switching through screens for 10 hours. Hobbies away from screens help us step out of the digital world and connect with ourselves, so get looking for something to try. Make a little stuffed animal, sew a shirt, read a book, or bake a cake. The next time a stranger asks what you like to do in your spare time, you’ll be able to give them an answer other than your phone.

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Meridith Krause

U Mass Amherst '25

Meridith Krause is a junior at UMass Amherst studying marketing and psychology. This is her first semester as a member of Her Campus, and she couldn't be more excited! :)