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A Guide for Registration: Gen Eds and Filler Classes

It’s that time again Collegiettes… registration period. For seniors this is both devastating and great, because for once we can finally get into the classes we need to be in since we get first dibs, but on the opposite hand it’s a reminder that our graduation is fast approaching. For everyone else, it is luck of the draw!

Picking classes can sometimes be a bit tricky; you may have to take some pretty hard classes and mixing in hard filler classes or that last Gen Ed you have not been looking forward to take could be a huge mistake. Whether you are just looking for some filler classes, or you just need another Gen Ed, I listed some easy and some fun classes to add to your schedule!

You’re that person that hates a certain subject and have been pushing that history or science class to the side each registration period and now there is no way of getting out of it… Here are some easier Gen Eds that are interesting as well:

Biological Science (BS) – My Body, My Health (PUBHLTH 160) I personally did not take this class, but two of my roommates did and I have heard a lot of good things about it. It is easy and interesting and does not require too much work, if you are not a biology person this is the way to go.

Physical Science (PS) Dynamic Earth (GEO SCI 105)  If there is one thing I am bad at, it’s physical sciences (don’t even get me started on high school physics class). I took this class with a couple of friends and it was really easy and – dare I say – sometimes interesting as well. If you just go to class, do the final paper, and study a bit, you will be golden. I know papers scare some people this one was a no brainer.

Arts and Literature (AL or AT) Lively Arts (MUSIC 150) I took this class sophomore year and squeezed it all into one night, I would have my discussion then go to the lecture, it’s super easy and fun at times! For the lectures they would bring guests in to dance or play an instrument and for discussion you would look at photos and listen to music. Give it a try if you need that Gen Ed or just need some music and art in your life. 

Social and Behavioral Science (SB)Social Problems (SOCIOL 103) I took this freshman year, I did not attend class as much as I should have (it was an 8am), but I still passed very easily, the exams are really short and easy if you study the right things, which you will because he will tell you exactly what to study. Plus the information pertains to college students and is a good eye opener.

Social World Requirement (AL, AT, I, SB, SI) Social Diversity in Education (EDUC 210) Such a cool and easy class to take. You have a small class to attend, then you attend around 4 panels where you hear from LGBTQ+ individuals, women, people of different races and more to learn about their lives. The class is really fun and only has 2 exams and a paper after each panel as a reflection.

Math (R1)Alg/Analy Geom/Trig (MATH 104)  I do not think there is any way of avoiding this unless you fulfilled it in high school. Do some research on ratemyprofessor.com, I took it with Kat, and she was awesome. The notes were posted online for you to print, which made it easy to follow along with, and she also was a very energetic teacher which helped to hold my attention.

Analytical Reasoning (R2) Introduction to Linguistics Theory (LING 201) For a lot of majors I know this can be fulfilled within the major, for example I had to take stats as a psych major and fulfilled this through that, but other people have to choose. For those of you who are not big on math, my roommate took this, and although it was not the easiest there was no math involved.

You have some room in your schedule, so here are some filler classes that will hopefully be easy and fun!

  1. My Body, My Health (PUBHLTH 160) – Like I listed above, interesting and easy.
  2. Leadership and Networking (BDIC 397B) – I heard from someone who took this that it is a must! You practice interviews, write resumes and cover letter; it’s great to prepare for our future.
  3. Natural Resource Conservation (BASICSCUBA 120) – Scuba diving in class. That is all I have to say.
  4. Jazz, Ballet, Modern Dance or Yoga – Getting a work out and learning how to dance or do yoga? Sounds great to me!
  5. Public Speaking (COMM 260)  – I took this class and could not love it more. I am really not a great public speaker and this has helped a lot with nerves and articulating my words, plus all you have are a couple speeches and a paper, and maybe one more thing depending on who you have.

Choose wisely Collegiettes, and good luck!

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I am a junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst majoring in Psychology and Communications. I joined Her Campus because my roommate is also involved in the club and told me all about it. I also have not had a lot of college experience in college writing and thought it would be a great opportunity to learn a different style and better my writing in general. I am also involved in the Lions Club and sisters on the runway.
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