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Going Over Your Mobile Data Limit: A GIF Story

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

You’re just casually minding your own business, scrolling through your Twitter feed when it pops up: “You’ve used 75% of your data for the billing cycle ending on the 18th.” 

“The 18th?! But today is only the 1st,” you think to yourself.

And, right on cue, a text from one of your parents pops up

You realize it’s time to turn mobile data off for, well, just about everything. (Guess I have to live off of WiFi like a peasant now.)

The next day you go to look something up and your phone reminds you, “Mobile data is turned off for Safari.” Oh…right.

Despite literally being connected to WiFi all the time, it’s not long before you receive the next text you’ve been dreading.

“You’ve used 90% of your data for the billing cycle ending on the 18th.”

It has to be other members of your family using all the data, right?!

Yet somehow, all the blame falls squarely on your shoulders

Sometimes your parents even go so far as to send you the breakdown of how many GBs everyone has used. “Me? 80 percent you say!?”

And then it happens. That number pops up on your phone and you know exactly what’s coming. “You’ve used 100% of your data…”

Though you think it will never end, you FINALLY reach the end of your billing cycle. What a sweet, sweet day.

You can finally use all of your apps all the time. What a glorious feeling.

Until it happens all over again

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