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Girl, You Look Beautiful

We’ve all had those moments where we look at ourselves in the mirror and aren’t happy with what we see. We moan and groan and obsess over the smallest of things, the tiniest imperfections, and we make them so much bigger than what they actually are. Women, and men, are constantly told what to eat, how to dress, and what we should aspire to look like. Society helps mold our idea of perfection, but there is no such thing as perfect, what society should be promoting is reality, a happy and healthy body image.

February was Body Awareness month, which is meant to bring awareness to the issues that we seem to forget regarding body image. However, a positive body image is something we should have year-round. We should all focus on the positive things and not bash one another and ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with images of models and celebrities on television and magazines. Yet, we fail to remember that they are photoshopped and airbrushed and they have pounds of makeup caked onto their faces.

The focus is to be happy and healthy, and not try and meet society’s unrealistic expectations. We should want to eat healthy and exercise for our own well-being. However, that’s not to say eating some cookies and ice cream once in awhile is a bad thing, because that’s another sort of well-being that needs to be promoted as well. 

We’ve even seen some amazing organizations and companies become more and more involved in promoting healthy body image and the concept of loving yourself first. From Dove to Victoria’s Secret, the Love Yourself Campaign is just the beginning. Here’s what we should be doing all year long to promote a healthy and happy body image. 

1. Remind yourself daily that you are beautiful. 

2. Appreciate all that you do; whether its running a few miles,  aceing an exam, or accomplishing a new goal.

3. Wear what you feel comfortable in, do your hair and makeup however you want!

4. Surround yourself with positive people.

5. Do something special for yourself. Take a bubble bath, go to a spa, take yourself shopping, or pour yourself a drink.

Most importantly, love yourself. Remember that you’re beautiful, and dont let anyone make you think otherwise!


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