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Get Ready for Your Fall Internship in 5 Steps

Congratulations! You landed a fall internship. You know it’s going to be a great semester and you’re pumped to get started. You’ve already practiced your pose for your ID and have been browsing your colleagues’ profiles on LinkedIn — but you’re only scratching the surface. We have five tried-and-true tips to get you ready for your big gig.

1. Fine-tune your professional wardrobe.

Chances are the dress code for your internship is not going to reflect how you normally present yourself. Most offices follow a business-casual dress code, so think dress pants, knee-length skirts, and dresses. But of course, it really depends on where you’re interning. Do yourself a favor and become familiar with your company’s expectations of what is work-appropriate … and what isn’t. I know, I know — the weather isn’t quite cold just yet, but don’t think this is the time to wear flip flops or short shorts. Glamour created a slideshow of work outfit ideas if you’re still not really sure. 

2. Research the company.

If you’re really savvy, you’ve already gathered a good amount of information about the company to nail your interview. Now that you have the position (!), it’s time to really get into the nitty-gritty and not-so-fun bits. Here’s your chance to figure out parking if you’ll be driving there, how many people will be in the office every day, and the procedure for registering for everything. Bonus points if you email your supervisor to make sure you’ve submitted all the proper paperwork. You definitely wouldn’t want to figure that out halfway through the internship. 

3. Do a test run.

You might not think you’ll run late or get lost on your first few days but this is uncharted territory — and anything is possible. If you’re taking public transportation everyday, pick a day before you start your job to do a “mock commute” where you take the bus or subway to time how long it will take to get there. If you’re driving, go on Google Maps and find the optimal route, then time yourself driving and select the best route.

4. Bring the right supplies.

Start getting your backpack ready! Think about the first day on the job as the first day of classes. The essentials to bring to your internship are typically your notebook, phone, phone charger, laptop, a pen, a snack, gum, any necessary documents and a folder, but be sure to find out which supplies you’ll be needing to do your job right — and well. It’s also probably a good idea to bring a form of photo ID in case you have to fill out any extra paperwork on the first day.

5. Get excited!

Internships only come around every so often, so it’s important to remember that you have been given an amazing opportunity. Whether this internship is your dream job or not, remember that you’re gaining valuable experiences in this unique period of your life.

Now go and get out there, Collegiettes! 

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Chloe Trepanier

U Mass Amherst

Chloe is a Her Campus National Social Media Intern and a senior Communication major at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is the Social Media Director for Facebook for the UMass chapter and is the Chairperson of the UMass Theatre Guild. Her hobbies include watching 30 Rock and eating ice cream. You can follow her on Twitter and on Instagram. 
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