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Most nuts are a great snack to have! There is a common misconception that they are bad for you because they contain a lot of fat, but these are good fats, beneficial to your health. According to research, most people lose weight when incorporating nuts into their diet in a healthy way, by either adding a small amount or substituting other snack foods with nuts.

Every nut has multiple health benefits that you should definitely check out, but here you will see some of the best highlights of each.

WalnutsI’ve had walnuts in my oatmeal, and even in my gnocchi. This versatile cooking ingredient contains the most antioxidants of all nuts and are the best nut for heart health.

PeanutsPeanut butter is one of my favorite foods. Ever tried a grilled PB&J? It’s amazing. Technically peanuts are legumes, but most people refer to them as nuts. Peanuts are high in folate, a fundamental mineral for brain development that may protect against cognitive decline.

AlmondsAlmonds are one of the lowest calorie nuts. Almond butter can commonly be replaced for peanut butter and it is just as delicious! Almonds are high in fiber and unsaturated fatty acids, which all play a role in cardiovascular health.


PecansDoes this mean pecan pie is healthy? They can add good cholesterol to your blood and are a great source of Vitamin E, fiber, and other beneficial vitamins.

HazelnutsThese help to flavor the delicious Nutella Spread, which is primarily chocolate. You can’t say eating a spoonful of it is the best thing for your health, but I’d consider it a spoonful of happiness. Hazelnuts have a lot of potassium, calcium and magnesium. These minerals provide many health benefits, including regulating a healthy blood pressure.

Now it’s your turn to crack open some shells and go nutty for nuts, Collegiettes!

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