Fight The Urge: Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving

Who doesn't love Thanksgiving and all the delicious fall flavors? Nothing beats a day filled with comfort foods. But is it possible to make this holiday healthy? Yes it is!  Keep these healthy tips in mind to enjoy the festive foods without going overboard.

1. Eat breakfast: Skipping breakfast is never the best idea. Breakfast is extremely important to get your metabolism going for the day and by skipping it you will end up binging at dinner and eating more than you would have.

2. Stay Hydrated: Drinking water will keep you hydrated and keep you feeling fuller when you do eat. It will also prevent you from overeating.

3. Go easy on the appetizers: Although they are delicious they are filled with calories. Have a few but save your appetite for the big turkey dinner.

4. Use a smaller plate: On Thanksgiving everyone loves to fill up their plate. If you use a smaller plate it will trick you into feeling like you've eaten a lot even though you ate the correct portions when compared to filling up a larger plate.

5. Chew slowly: People love to stuff their faces as quickly as possible on Thanksgiving. So if you take your time and chew slowly you will actually get the chance to enjoy your food. That way you will feel fuller quicker and without eating too much.

6. Watch out for danger foods: Some foods seem like they are healthy but they really aren't. Foods like green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and yams appear to be healthy alternatives but there are many hidden ingredients that add calories and make them not so good for you. Try to watch your portion size with foods like these and you will be okay.

7. Drink responsibly: Fall drinks are extremely delicious but are filled with calories. Watch how many you consume because you don't want to drink away all your calories that day and then consume dinner too. Drinks can easily push you overboard so keep track.

8. Skip the seconds: If you wait a little after your first serving to let your food digest you might actually find that you are not full and do not need seconds.

9. Don’t deny dessert: Holiday desserts only come around once a year. Eating healthy shouldn’t be about restricting certain foods so just try to enjoy the desserts in moderation!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Collegiettes!