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Excuses We All Make for Not Going to the Gym

As college students, we lead busy lives. We juggle a lot to maintain good grades, an adequate amount of sleep, and a decent social life. Because of all of this, it’s often very hard to gather the desire to hit the gym after a long day. We all know that fitness is important and we want to look good in our crop tops this weekend, yet excuses are easy to make and sometimes contain a bit of validity.

You know you should go to the gym but…

You have a math test next week. And an essay due on Thursday. Also, you should probably catch up on the three chapters of reading and notes you skipped last week. The to-do list is extensive, your class-load is really wearing you down. Academics should probably come before other activities like exercising. This is why we’re at college, right?

You went to bed at three last night because you were finishing all of the homework that was due today (plus stalking people on Instagram, but that’s besides the point). Even worse, this morning was your dreaded 8AM, scheduling decision you regret even more than embarrassing Facebook statuses from 2009. Bottom line: sleep is no longer something you want, it’s something you need before anything else can even be thought about.

All of your classes are done for the day and now that evening hunger is creeping in. If you go to the gym after eating your stomach may not be feeling so hot on the elliptical. If you postpone eating for the gym, you will be forced to sit by yourself in the back corner on your phone…no thanks. Plus, your friends just texted asking if you wanted to go to Hamp. The choice is clear and the gym is not the answer.

While scrolling through Facebook, you see an old friend from high school has posted an article about Chad Michael Murray’s recent marriage, reminding you that you haven’t watched the entire One Tree Hill series since July. Nathan and Haley’s love story, Keith’s murder, Peyton’s insane fake brother, and the tortured sibling relationship between Lucas and Nathan are all moments of TV gold. This clearly takes a higher priority over fitness and health.


When you got up this morning you hopped in the shower to start off your day. If you go to the gym you’ll get really sweaty, and the need for a second shower will be just around the corner. Yet your mother and the Internet have both taught you that washing your hair that often is bad for hair health. Yeah, you could skip the shampoo, but you’d still be wasting water, another thing that eco-friendly mother of yours has been warning you about.

You glance over at your closet where your laundry basket usually sits, but it’s not just sitting there. Your laundry has essentially formed a life of its own, exploding over the edge of the basket and onto the floor. The drawers and hangers have grown increasingly bare and the morning outfit decision progressively difficult and limited. Even if you wanted to go to the gym you couldn’t because you legitimately would not have an outfit to wear, unless you attempt to squeeze into middle school Soffe shorts and that old coffee-stained band camp T-shirt.

As you’re contemplating making your way over to the Rec Center you glance at your weather app. The temperature reads a negative number. Negative, which implies the absence of temperature, therefore the scarcity of sun, and furthermore the unlikelihood of exiting the dorm room. Slim chance you’ll want to put on shorts and a t-shirt just to have frostbitten fingers and a windblown face. Especially since you’ll finish your workout hot and sweaty and then be forced to enter the cold of the outdoors, an all around uncomfortable experience.
Bottom line: you just don’t want to. Exercising is hard work and generally not that fun. What is fun is laying in bed on a Netflix binge, eating Wings delivery. Someday you’ll make it to the gym, but today just is not that day.


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