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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

As quarantine continues, the boredom of those of us stuck at home continues to grow. The Netflix shows have been watched, the snacks have been eaten, and the online shopping has been done. This leaves all of us with the desire to try something new, but with limited options. So logically, thousands of people have resorted to taking their boredom out on their hair, including myself. And what I can say is that you should hop on the bandwagon and give yourself the hair makeover that your hair never knew it needed.

I cut my own hair during the first two weeks of quarantine. I had recently been to the hairdresser looking for a change and hoping to cut my hair at shoulder length. I had been scrolling through Pinterest for months, pining after the long bob that all of the online influencers seem to effortlessly pull off. 

After anticipating my hair appointment for weeks it had arrived. I eagerly walked into the salon with the hope that after my chop I would achieve the “new hair, new me” feeling that only girls after a breakup tend to feel. After cutting several inches off of my hair, it looked almost the same as it had before I entered the salon. Quickly after my haircut, stay at home orders began to take effect. While I still dreamt of the long bob I had seen all over social media, I didn’t know when I would be able to return to the salon. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I washed my hair, grabbed a brush, and began snipping away. The nerves that take over when cutting your own hair are real. Very real. I was aware of the fact that one wrong snip and I could emerge feeling like Britney circa 2007.

But I also knew that very few people would be seeing me due to social distancing implications and that I needed short, cute, on trend hair and these benefits outweighed the drawbacks. After nearly an hour, my impulsive hair cutting antics were complete. And it was the exact style that I had wanted but had struggled to achieve at the salon. 

So, after my DIY chop, I’m advising Her Campus readers to do the same. Whether you have always wanted to dye your hair pink like Doja Cat or platinum blonde like Taylor Swift, now is the time to take action. What I have learned after chopping my own hair is that sometimes no one, not even your hairstylist, will understand your vision like you do.

Doing your own hair may also give you a sense of power you never knew you had, at least it did for me. Before the quarantine chop I had never touched my own hair. But, after doing so, it provided me with a feeling of control that is much needed during the uncertain times of COVID-19. So, if you take anything from this article, take the idea that despite the unconventionality of cutting your own hair, it can be successful. And if it’s not, you’re stuck at home and it will grow back. Plus, you can always make cute top knots your new best friend. 

Natalie Samson is a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island majoring in Communication Studies and Public Relations. When she is not wandering around campus she spends her time scrolling through Pinterest or drinking chai lattes.
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