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A few years ago, I learned about the basics of astrology. As the tenth month of a more solitary form of life continues, I have reverted to entrenching myself in past habits, interests, and have begun to expand my knowledge as boredom seems inevitable and immortal without these more meaningful distractions. Delving into different aspects of spirituality and ideologies such as astrology has been a fascinating way to expand my world instead of collapsing it into my childhood bedroom. While astrology is definitely not a form of spirituality that everyone believes in or subscribes to with their whole being, it is undeniably an entrancing realm of spirituality that is gaining cultural relevance and popularity. In particular, the Age of Aquarius has collected massive attention—most of it being misleading—this December through social media outlets. 

The basics

Astrological ages are dependent on the Earth’s motion and are integral to guiding astrology and the tone that the world is set to take. Currently, the Earth is most likely still experiencing the Age of Pisces, but the iconic Age of Aquarius has gained recognition for decades since it is the next astrological age to take place. In particular, the hippy movement of the 1960s and 1970s celebrated the Age of Aquarius and this cultural significance was uplifted in the 1967 musical Hair, with the song “Aquarius” opening the musical. 

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So, when will the Age of Aquarius begin? 

Well, it is complicated and there is a plethora of controversy surrounding exactly when the Age of Aquarius is set to commence. While this uncertainty is quite frustrating to surrender to, the beginning of the Age of Aquarius is astronomically defined as when the March equinox point transitions from the constellation Pisces to the constellation Aquarius. Additionally, many astrologists also believe that the shift between astrological ages is not so much of an immediate switch, but rather a gradual transformation.

The Great Conjunction and December 2020

Throughout December 2020, the “Age of Aquarius” has been a major buzz term despite the vast unknown surrounding the start of this astrological age. This is because the Great Conjunction—a cosmic event where Jupiter and Saturn met close together at 0 degrees Aquarius—occurred on December 21st and the major connections that this event has to Aquarius has been (understandably) confused with echoing in the Age of Aquarius. While Jupiter and Saturn meet approximately every two decades, in 2020, these two planets were the closest that they have been together in about 8 centuries which is why the conjunction is so significant. 

Zodiac Astrology Line Art
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The Great Conjunction: What to expect and how to prepare

The Great Conjunction will most provoke change for those who have their sun, moon, or rising sign in Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio (the four fixed signs) according to astrologer Alice Bell. This astrological phenomenon is predicted to provoke a sort of energy reset as well as an era of “social, political, and ideological change.” It is anticipated that the Great Conjunction will help to abandon corrupt and individualistic power structures in favor of cooperation, humanitarianism, and progress; three pillars of Aquarius. Additionally, the world may further embrace science, innovation, and unconventional standards in romance and beyond. In these next few weeks, it is recommended that individuals work toward creating a fresh start by confronting and eliminating stressors, and embracing knowledge and growth.

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Whether you wholeheartedly believe in astrology or you think it is nonsensical, there is no harm in putting in a little effort to prepare for the upcoming new year which will undoubtedly usher in an abundance of (hopefully positive) change into everyone’s lives.

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