Dapsity: Tinder for Jobs and Internships

Attention, all intern-less and job-less Collegiettes: there is now a Tinder for internships and jobs. Stop skimming your thumb through the men in your area and start finding your dream career! Rated with 5 stars, the current version of Dapsity combines job searching with the simplicity of the Tinder platform, where you can read a short description and press the green check to save the job or press the red “x” and trash it. Who says you won’t get a job after you graduate? (People without Dapsity, probably.)

1. Make a profile by logging in with Facebook, LinkedIn, or your e-mail. If you have a well-kept LinkedIn profile, this is probably your best choice. This increases your network on the app, and puts your most professional self forward. For example, if you have a LinkedIn contact at a certain company, the app can detect if that company is hiring. And if you don’t have a LinkedIn, you should.

2. Choose the fields you’re interested in. It has all the basic, general areas that you will find on other job searching websites. If you feel you are qualified for multiple fields, check them all off – it will only widen your search.

3. Select where you’re looking for jobs. Unlike Tinder, it does not have to be in your immediate area – it asks to put in the location where you want to work. Scope out the different areas where you think you would want to live and see where your dream job will bring you!

4. Get looking by simply reading job or internship descriptions and seeing if you are interested. Checking yes will save the jobs to a folder on the app, which is available by pressing the top right corner button. It tells you the dates the jobs were posted, helping you decide how soon you want to apply.

5. You can be even more specific by selecting preferred companies and choosing whether you want work full time or part time.

This app is kind of like a college kid’s candy store. It helps you find a job or internship in the simplest way possible, what’s not to love? Stop Tinder-ing and start Dapsity-ing, because boys are fleeting but jobs give you money.