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Could ‘Girlboss’ Potentially Be the next Iconic Feminist Show?

If you’re stressed out about having nothing to binge watch for the end of this spring, have no fear! “Girlboss” will be hitting Netflix on April 21, giving you plenty of content to spend hours procrastinating your upcoming work for the end of the semester.

You may be saying “what the heck is ‘Girlboss’” and/or “why should I care?” Well, listen, you need to care because this has all the potential to be next big super-empowering feminist show. Who doesn’t love an opportunity for a strong female lead?

“Girlboss” is based off a true tale — the story of Sophia Amoruso’s climb to the top in the fashion world. It’s a true rags to riches story, sharing the same name as Amoruso’s autobiography Girlboss.

A little background info on Amoruso will let you know she’s a total boss. Amorous started her own company, Nastygal, on the forefront of one of the internet’s most cherished gems: eBay.

At only 22, Amoruso began her journey as an entrepreneur. It all started when she realized she could spend very little at thrift stores on great vintage finds. A couple dollars here and there led her to make thousands in e-commerce. The show’s trailer even parodies Amoruso realizing how useful thrift stores would be to her when she snags a great deal. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure — or another woman’s business proposal.

Amoruso’s book chronicles how she dealt with a lot of struggle before launching her own site, nastygal.com. Her time with eBay wasn’t all fun and games, and Amoruso did a lot of trial and error before deciding that she needed to venture into making her own company. Thank god she did, because that site is incredible.

Though Nastygal may not be the perfect business in every aspect — they have had dealt with controversy, like the firing of pregnant employees and filing for bankruptcy in 2016 — that should not weigh out how important the concept of this show is.

This show is important because it highlights a woman’s success in business. So much media overlooks women in business, especially scripted programs. It’s refreshing to have a program that focuses on a woman developing her career, even more so to see the progression of a woman’s success over time.

It’s necessary to have shows like this to represent all the women who have put it all on the line to pursue their dreams. This show is exactly what women need right now in a time when feminism is striking the nation.

There are high hopes for this show to not only be liberating for women but to accurately portray the obstacles all women face when trying to be taken seriously in the world of business.

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