College, As Told By Gilmore Girls GIFs

Your alarm goes off, and as you think about the day ahead you say to yourself... 

And it's an ugly day.

Once you finally muster up the energy to go to class, you sit there and question why you ever left your bed. You wonder how your professor can be so enthusiastic about chemistry at this hour.

But when it seems like everyone else in your class is participating, you start to question your own feelings.

You quickly let that theory go and arrive at a more satisfying one instead.

When class finally ends all you can think about is your warm room and sweatpants. But now more people are out and about on campus. You know what that means: slow walkers

When you finally reach your room after almost getting run over by a bicyclist, skateboarder, and pack of football players you sit down and look at the pile of final essays, projects, and studying waiting for you and think...

After a few hours, you become semi-delirious. 

Cue the finals-week breakdown over absolutely nothing. 

But at that moment, it feels like...

So you decide it's time for a well-deserved TV break.

But when there's nothing good on, you fall into a dangerous trap...Netflix
Of course the internet worked just fine when you were doing homework, but now it's taking twenty minutes to load each episode. When everyone complains about the WiFi connection, your school just says...
So naturally, it becomes naptime (when in doubt, sleep).
Let's be serious, you can never sleep too much. So as finals week approaches, remember to get your rest, Collegiettes. And take those necessary breaks when you begin to think your textbooks have emotions. Coffee, sleep, and Netflix are good ways to balance out those late night study sessions. Good luck! 
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