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A Chat With KIND Snacks Representative Carly Zinn

Carly Zinn is a senior finance major at UMass Amherst and like most seniors at this time she is in denial that she has to leave the place she has called home for the last four years. Before she leaves, we sat down with her to talk about the delicious and healthy KIND snacks, something that has been a big part of her college career.

Her Campus UMass: Let’s start with a little background on KIND?

Carly Zinn: KIND is a healthy snack company committed to making delicious but nutritious products with ingredients you can see and pronounce. KIND believes businesses should be more than just profit-driven so they strive to treat everyone and everything with integrity and kindness.

KIND sells a variety of products. Most people are familiar with our core bars that come in over 25 flavors. However, KIND has a multitude of products consisting of Healthy Grain Bars, Strong & KIND bars, Pressed Bars, Breakfast Bars, Healthy Grain Clusters (granola) and most recently, Popped Snack Bites.

HC: How did you get involved with KIND?

CZ: My freshman year I stumbled upon a job on Indeed.com for a KIND brand ambassador position in Boston. After working in field marketing that summer for the company, I was presented with the opportunity to be UMass’s first KIND University Ambassador! At the time, KIND wasn’t a leading health bar in the market and we didn’t have nearly as many products as we have today. It’s been so cool watching the company expand and grow over the years!

HC: As a campus rep for KIND, what are some on your responsibilities and duties?

CZ: My main duty as a campus ambassador is to connect with like-minded organizations and people around UMass in order to popularize the brand amongst college students and professors/faculty. I am also dedicated to spreading kindness in the school community. I perform “KIND acts” each month which can either be me partnering with a community-service based organization on campus or passing out “good luck on finals” cards with a bar in the library!

HC: Why do you believe KIND bars are the perfect healthy snack for college students?

CZ: Since I have started my KIND position at UMass, I have seen an increase in interest for living a healthy and holistic lifestyle amongst students. KIND bars are perfect for the on-the-go student who needs a quick but wholesome snack in between classes or to get them through the day until their next meal. Also, there are so many flavors that it is easy to never get bored of KIND bars!

HC: What is your personal favorite KIND bar and why?

CZ: This is a tough question. I have new favorites every month. My two new favorites are the KIND Healthy Grain Cinnamon Oat Bar and the Mango Apple Chia Pressed Bar. My ultimate favorite bar is the Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan bar because it only has five grams of sugar! I love being able to satisfy my sweet tooth without feeling too guilty after.

HC: Why do you love KIND?

CZ: I love KIND not only because of their tasty products but their mission to give back to the world. It’s amazing working for a company with a dedicated CEO and team. It is rare to find a company that is so committed to spreading kindness and not only focusing on profits. 

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