On-Campus Study Spots: 6 Places to Put In Work

As a sophomore, I can vividly recall my first few months at school. Although I knew I could study at the library or in my room, I wanted to explore campus and find unique places that could become favorites of mine. UMass Amherst is a lovely campus with many buildings to explore, so here are some of my favorite finds if you are looking for a new study location!


The John W. Olver Building

View from North Pleasant Street

  • Noise Level: Moderate

  • Location: North Pleasant St. across from the Fine Arts Center

Known to many as the architecture building, The John W. Oliver Design Building is my favorite spot to study on campus. This building is not only eco-friendly, but the large windows fill the floors with fresh, warm sunlight on even the coldest of winter days. The brightness perks you up and allows you to focus on your work, and it is also a great spot to chat with friends. One of the reasons that the architecture building is my favorite is because of the Post & Bean cafe on the first floor. This eatery offers sandwiches, coffee, and energy bars (it’s the perfect snack to keep you focused or to bring to your next class). Plus, it offers a rooftop garden deck comfortable enough to study on or just to enjoy the outdoors.


South College

South College Open House


  • Noise Level: Quiet-Moderate

  • Location: Across from the W.E.B Dubois Library

South College is a hidden gem of the campus. Its beautiful brick exterior matches its inside exquisitely. I would argue that it almost feels like you are entering a Harry Potter style interior. Located next to DuBois library, this study location is essential when you need to dedicate a lot of time to your work with minimal distraction.


Argo Tea

Image result for argo tea umass

  • Noise Level: Moderate-Loud

  • Location: Lower Level of Hampden Market

Located in the Southwest area, you will not be disappointed by Argo. Argo Tea is a chain, and UMASS made a great choice in setting up shop on campus. They are a tea-based cafe with a friendly, open environment that makes it perfect for a delicious drink and a place to put in work. They offer great hours and are open until 12 a.m. on weekdays so that you can grind the whole night!


Any Dining Hall

  • Noise Level: Loud

Though they are sometimes overlooked as study spaces, don’t take Worcester, Frank, Berk, or Hamp for granted. These are great places to meet up with study groups, and if you have to do homework for a long stretch of time it is a good choice since you only need to swipe once and can stay for as long as you'd like! Not that I recommend it often, but if you have a long day ahead of you and enter at 10 a.m., you only have to swipe once and are able to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner while getting your homework done! #Umasshacks!



Image result for ilc umass amherst

  • Noise Level: Dependent on Location

  • Location: North Pleasant Street

The ILC is one of the newer buildings on campus, and it offers a variety of study spaces for students. Peet’s Cafe is on the 1st floor; while noisy, it offers bar seating, tables, benches, and comfy chairs.  Additionally, there is a ramp filled with seating for quick in between study sessions on the 2nd floor. Located on the 3rd floor is the COMM HUB, which is a nice place to work in groups or even alone for a quieter, less bustling study spot. Bonus for comm majors- printing!



Image result for isenberg umass

  • Noise Level: Moderate-Loud

  • Location: Haigis Mall next to the Fine Arts Center

Isenberg study spaces are built to be group-oriented, and they are perfect for when you are your team want to collaborate ideas. When you first walk in the atrium there are tables and couches to choose from, and the subtle and pleasant background noise some people find helpful when doing work. Breakout rooms can be scheduled for your project needs or midterm cramming. Isenberg majors have the option to print in this building as well. 



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