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The Best Must-Have Items From The UMass University Store

Whenever I’m at the Campus Center and have free time, I can’t help but wander into the UMass Campus store. There is SO much UMass gear to choose from, it’s actually a little ridiculous. From clothes to school supplies to all sorts of UMass knickknacks, they really do seem to have everything. Now that I’ve got my tax return back, and a little extra change in my pocket, I browsed the aisles to find some of the best items!

One of the first items I saw was this sweatshirt. At first it caught my eye because it comes in a variety of colors, such as pink, purple, light blue, and green! I thought this was kind of strange; like hello, our colors are maroon and white! But then I saw the price tag – the sweatshirt only costs $19.95! I would totally rep a pink UMass sweatshirt at a sports game! Also, they are super soft, but do seem to run a little small.

The next sweatshirt is such a classic! It’s a quarter zip sweatshirt with a large pocket in the front! It’s a nice switch from the crewnecks and hoodies that everyone else rocks around campus. This sweatshirt is warm and thick! It’s price is $58.00.

Have you seen lots of sorority girls lately wearing jerseys around campus?  For $40.00, now you can have your very own! This purposely oversized shirt is super comfy, and perfect for lounging around in. It’s perfect because it’s cuter than a plain old t-shirt. Be warned, from afar it looked a little warmer, like something similar to a light sweatshirt, but it is made from t-shirt material. It comes in maroon and black!

If you have a little more money in the bank, you could totally splurge on the Vineyard Vines UMass pullover. Priced at $110.00, it is definitely on the more expensive side, but it is just too adorable to pass up. With the UMass logo on the front, and a whale on the collar, could anything be cuter? There is also a bag to match!

If you’re over the cold weather and anything having to do with long sleeves, try on a UMass tank top! These tanks also come in a variety of bright colors! Also, it only costs $7.95! This tank is perfect for lounging on the Southwest Beach, or an afternoon at Puffer’s Pond!

Looking for a cute hat? The Campus Store has a whole wall devoted to them! A lot of them are on the manlier side, as they have super wide brims that aren’t exactly flattering most girls’ heads. We found a bunch though that had smaller brims and were a little more feminine. This one rings up at $18.00!

It seems like the Mason jar trend has finally hit UMass. These adorable Mason jar-esque cups are made of plastic, and perfect for putting your drink in on the weekend! So much cuter than carrying around a red solo cup! Also it comes with a straw so you won’t mess up your lipstick. They only come in the colors green and red, and cost $9.95!

Lastly, the Campus Store has certainly caught onto some internet sensations! They have a “Boo, the World’s Cutest Dog” ($28.00) stuffed animal, and “Grumpy Cat” ($28.00). The Grumpy Cat is sold out in stores, but it is in stock online. If you want something adorable to spice up your dorm or your apartment, these stuffed animals certainly fit the bill.

Next time you are wasting time in the Campus Center, Collegiettes, definitely take a peek into the University Store! Also be sure to check the back right side of the store for the clearance section.

Thanks so much to Dana Ulwick, a sophomore Communication major, for being my model!

Photo Sources: Grumpy Cat.

*All other photos taken by the author.

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