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I started meditating in 2018 and wow, has it changed my life. I would need a whole other article to talk about it! In short, it has helped me become more calm and joyful, allowed me to live more in the moment, taught me a lot about myself and so much more. If you want to tap into your inner peace too but are unsure of how to get started, these three key tips are for you!

Release judgment 

The very first and absolute most important step in starting your journey with meditation is to release judgment on all levels. Seriously, let that s**t go. A lot of times when I suggest meditation to others, the immediate response is something like “I can’t sit still for that long” or “My thoughts couldn’t handle that silence!” Don’t decide how the experience is going to go before you even try it! Similarly, when you do give meditation a chance, there is no need to critique or label it as a “good” or a “bad” meditation. Any time that you take out of your day to dedicate to sitting with yourself and existing fully in the moment holds a lot more power than you realize, regardless of how you think it went. 

Choose a space & time

Now that you’ve relinquished judgments, find or make a cozy spot to meditate in. Having a special space dedicated solely to your practice will allow you to slip into a peaceful meditation more easily. It is your mindfulness oasis. It could simply be a spot by the window, a comfy chair, or you could make a whole corner out of it like I did. (See picture above!) I have things like plants, crystals, affirmation cards, candles, a singing bowl, journals – things that personally help me in my practice! You definitely don’t need a ton of stuff, I just use items that make me feel peaceful and in the headspace for meditation. Dedicating a time is also super helpful. I choose to meditate in the morning because it gets me centered for the day ahead. Pick a time that works best for you and incorporate it into your routine. It’ll soon become as important and natural as brushing your teeth.

Start small

I think a big misconception about meditation is that you have to do it for, like, 45 minutes every day to feel its effects. If that’s your belief, I have wonderful news! Even meditating for just a few minutes each day, or whenever you have some free time, will still allow you to reap major benefits. (Lower anxiety, clearer mind, energy boosts, just to name a few…) In fact, I would recommend starting by just doing at least five minutes each day. When I first started, I would do quick guided meditations on the app, Insight Timer in-between classes on my dorm room floor. And even with just those couple of minutes, I would go to my next class feeling rejuvenated and centered. 

Now that you’ve read this, there’s one last step: close your computer and go give meditation a chance! There is no better time than now. Oh, and follow me @mindfulmeg_ on Instagram for more content on meditation and mindfulness :-)

Meghan Buschini

U Mass Amherst '22

Meghan is a Senior at UMass Amherst majoring in Communications with a minor in Sociology. She is a spin instructor and is passionate about mindfulness, meditation, body acceptance and self love. She shares these passions both through her articles and her instagram account @mindfulmeg_
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