A Beginner's Guide to Group Fitness at the Rec. Center

Does the thought of running on a treadmill make you want to cry a little? Or is spending long periods of time on an elliptical your worst nightmare? If the answer to either of those questions is "yes" then I have some fabulous news: group fitness may be just what you need! Here’s a little info about some of the hottest group fitness classes at the UMass Rec. Center. 

1) Zumba

Zumba is a dance-based fitness class in which you get to do nothing other than shake your groove thang for an hour! You don’t need dance training, heck-- you don’t even need rhythm--people with all different levels of experience take this class and it’s a blast. You're so distracted by the infectious beats that you don't even realize it's an hour of cardio!

2) Yoga

If you're more of a lay on the floor and meditate rather than a twerk to Beyonce kind of person, then yoga may be the class for you! There are tons of classes that range greatly in skill level. If you’re stressed about midterms or just want to get deeper in touch with your inner guru, I suggest heading on down to the Rec. Center to check out the yoga classes!


3) Spin

A room full of people pedaling feverishly on stationary bikes to the beats of various pop and EDM songs? Sign me up! Seriously, an hour of spin class flies by and leaves you feeling the burn in the best way the next day. Taking a spin class is also a great opportunity to workout with your friends! You can sweat it out and then grab some healthy food together after.

4) Total Body Burn

If you're looking for a more intense workout, Total Body Burn may be the class for you! The name speaks the truth and I can verify that after this class, your total body will in fact be burning! With a combination of cardio, weights, and ab exercises, Total Body Burn will definitely help burn off all of the Halloween candy!


5) 30 Minute Abs

As one of my favorite classes, 30 minute abs provides a killer workout in such a short amount of time. The class is broken up into different songs for which you target different parts of your abs. At the end there's even a partner song where you and a friend can bond over flutter kicks and reverse sit-ups. Sure, it burns in the moment, but it’s over before you know it! Think about this the next time you’re watching Netflix. For every episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. you watch, you could have been sweating it out in a 30 minute abs class. It’s that simple!

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