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Whether it’s a sheet, peel-off, or bubble, it’s safe to say that almost every girl has tried a face mask. Fun to use and beneficial to the skin, the face mask trend has taken the beauty world by storm. But why are we denying the rest of our body the skincare benefits that face masks provide? Here are some masks that you can use to take care of yourself in some different places!


Down with the Thickness – Anese

A mask for somewhere a little further south. Anese’s “Booty Mask” is made with pink kaolin clay, pro-Vitamin B5 and B3, and collagen working together to care for your derriere. The mask works to “detox and plump your booty” while cleansing excess oils as well. It also smells like peaches! Kim Kardashian would definitely approve.

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Volcano Foot Mask – Lush

I hate to say it, but by walking around campus, going to the rec center, or whatever else you do with your day一your feet will stink. Well, here is the solution! The papaya, tomatoes, potatoes, and cleansing essential oils in this mask fight those smelly odors in your feet. Kaolin and pumice will clean out the dirt and eliminate rough skin to leave the soles of your feet feeling nice and soft. You’ll be looking perfect for flip flop season!

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Hairgurt – Project Beauty

Let’s face it, you probably put a million products in your hair, but have you ever tried a mask? This “masque” uses yogurt protein to nourish dry hair. Hairgurt comes in three different types of mask, each specializing in a different area: Curl Perfecting, Intense Repair, and Smoothing. Your locks deserve some love.

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Calm Your Tits – Anese

The name of this product really speaks for itself. Anese’s mask for your breasts is made with kaolin clay, collagen, green tea, and organic honey. It helps reduce acne and irritation from chafing and sweat, protects from sun damage and wrinkles, and creates “firm, perky, and glowing boobs”. As Cardi B wisely said “With them pretty a** twins, you look like Beyoncé”.

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Hollywood Hand Model – StarSkin

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a hand model? No? Well let me introduce you to your new dream. These hand mask gloves are made of Shea Butter and a blend of 16 botanical ingredients and oils. They aim to create a “sauna-like effect” to “repair, rejuvenate and soften even the roughest hands and cuticles”. If you’re happy with this mask and you know it, clap your hands!

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Images: 1 (Anese), 2 (Lush), 3 (Project Beauty), 4 (Anese), 5 (StarSkin)

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