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The Art of Simplifying Your Life and Increasing Your Happiness

A cluttered life and a cluttered mind can often lead to stress, overthinking, and unhappiness. Sometimes it's necessary to sweep away the complications and live in simpler terms. Simplifying your life will mean different things for each person. Extreme minimalism is not the only way to live simply and increase happiness and productivity! For some, it may mean clearing out their schedule a bit. For others, it may mean throwing out old clothes. There are so many aspects of your life you can simplify that can help you breathe a little easier, have a little more time on your hands, and make you happier.

One thing that helped me declutter my life was taking the time to organize and prioritize my things! Over time, it's so easy to accumulate clothes, accessories, makeup, books, and other items that you don't really use or like anymore. They can take up space in your room and make it difficult for you to locate what you really want to wear or use when you need to. As I was cleaning my closet, I realized just how many clothes and patterns I didn't wear or like anymore. Personally, I don't like to think a lot about what I have to wear. Redesigning and simplifying my wardrobe consisted of me picking out comfortable basics in neutral tones that could be mixed and matched with ease. It makes me happy when I can throw on an outfit in record time and still feel put together!

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Just like we outgrow clothes, we outgrow other things in our lives. It could be hobbies, it could be friends, or it could be old habits. Sometimes it can be tough to recognize that we're ready for a new chapter in our life and that it's time to say goodbye to activities or people. However, if something is dragging you down it's important to lift those weights off your shoulders. Is a childhood sport or instrument becoming more of a chore than a passion? Perhaps you need to free up your schedule. Do you have toxic friends who get in the way of you meeting new people or spending time with others? It might be time to cut some ties and simplify your friend list. Realizing that eating late night snacks every single night is making you feel tired and sick after? Maybe you need to simplify your nighttime routine! Simplifying your life does not only consist of cutting things out of your life. It also consists of making sure your life is filled with good and necessary things. 

When it comes to simplifying your own life, it helps to think about what brings you peace and what doesn't. What are the things that make your mind race at night? What situations bring chaos and drama into your friendships? Do you still have items that aren't appealing to you or that bring up bad memories? Eliminate the mental messiness and start cleaning up the negativity!

[bf_image id="pkqbr4qhhfnm5mrw6f6kh87f"] Ultimately, simplifying your life is prioritizing quality over quantity. That feeling you get when you clear your phone homescreen of all the apps you don't use anymore can be replicated in many other parts of your life. Having busy background noise in your life can make you feel scattered. When your life is simpler, you can focus more on being in the present. You can worry less. You will feel more in tune with your emotions.

What are you waiting for? Let's get to simplifying!

Vera Gold

U Mass Amherst '23

Vera is a senior communication major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is the Facebook Coordinator of her chapter and loves writing about digital media, beauty, and entertainment.
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