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April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer: Why Adulting Is Impossible

Let’s face it: as second-semester seniors,  the concept of “adulting” is overwhelming. Between finding a place to live and a job that will pay the rent, there is so much to consider. It seems like the minute we graduate, a vortex of boredom and responsibilities opens up. However, there are two adults who instill in us the hope for the continuation of spontaneity and adventuring after graduation: Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate, from NBC’s Parks and Recreation. They don’t want to fit the adulting mold, and after seeing how much fun they have, neither do we.

April doesn’t hide her lack of motivation. In college, we all have those moments where we can’t help but feel burned out; April shows us that it’s okay if it transfers over into the “real world,” as well.

Even though we’re expected to be mature, April knows what our salaries will still go towards: takeout. Just because we are adults doesn’t mean we have to stop indulging in pizza, right?

Being an adult doesn’t mean you have to know everything. Andy helps us realize that it’s okay to admit when you have no idea what’s going on, or need some clarification from a boss.

You are never too old to treat yo’self. Going to the grocery store doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring errand, and you can make it more fun by treating yourself to chocolate or ice cream. Even if you are just along for the ride, like Andy!

Do you really have to stay focused all the time as an adult? The answer is no. As Andy quite often demonstrates, distractions are welcome.

There really is no label for April and Andy’s type of adulting, but we admire it nonetheless. Life’s too short to take everything seriously all the time.

While adulting is not always enjoyable, it’s what you make of it. Like Andy and April show us in Parks and Rec, there’s always room for having fun, even when you’re in the process of getting your life together. It’s just an added bonus if you find a significant other who enjoys the pleasures of delicious food, such as pizza, just like you!

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