9 Must Have Apps For College Students

When you’re in college, all the things you have to get done can be overwhelming. Especially as you continue on in your college career, you may be juggling a job, an internship, multiple leadership positions, or any other roles that require time and commitment. While balancing all of these commitments, you might end up overlooking other things that are equally, if not more, important: your health, having fun, and staying organized. Want to learn how to stay on top of things with just a few App Store gems. Keep reading to know the best apps any college student can have on their phone, and start downloading. 


  1. 1. Organization 

    With all your committments, the first thing you want to do is stay organized. You want everything in its place, and you want to go into each day with a game plan and a way to know that everything will get done in the day, and also make time for non-academic things. The best way to do this? A planner you can access any time of the day, right in the palm of your hand. Some great planning apps include My Study Life and Any.Do. Both planners allow you to store all information about your classes, exams, professors, and more, making all the information you need about your everyday college life easy and accessible on a very simple and classic interface. What are you waiting for? Download one of these apps, fill in all your information, and start dominating the planning game. 

  2. 2. Entertainment 

    College is not only a time to study—it’s a time for fun. You’re surrounded by people you love, living your own independent life—don’t forget fun in the middle of all the work you have to do. Some of my favorite apps for entertainment that I can count on to make me smile any day of the week are Netflix, Spotify, and any type of social media. Netflix is an app that allows you to access thousands of movies, TV shows, and documentaries at the touch of a finger. Start binging your favorite show to take a break from studying, or find an old movie you haven’t watched in a while and curl up somewhere cozy. Spotify helps you access millions of songs and allows you to create custom playlists and listen to it anywhere (with Spotify Premium!) Last but not least, social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat can connect you with friends and family and give you access to a host of funny videos, posts from people you know, and allows you to express yourself in whatever way you desire. 

  3. 3. Health 

    Through all the hustle and bustle of life, do not forget your mental and physical health. It can be hard to make time for the gym and get into a regular routine, but Fitbod can definitely help with that. Though it does require a membership fee, it is extremely worth it because it creates custom workouts for you that will motivate you to go to the gym. It factors in cheat days and aspects like your height and weight to craft the perfect workout routine for you and just you. Apps like Headspace can help with your mental health—helping you set aside time to relax and spend some quality time with yourself. Apps like Clear Fear help you chat with other people who can help you through your anxiety and manage your anxiety better, and apps like Plant Nanny can remind you to drink water in a very cute and interactive way. 

No matter what, the bottom line is that if you need to keep everything together, it's important to take a little help from the resources that you could have. Remember to not only focus on work, but to focus on all aspects of your life, making sure you are healthy and happy and ready to face the next day. You’re all productive queens. You’ve all got this.