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7 Things College Students Should Stop Worrying About

Let’s face it: college students are busy creatures. Between juggling all of our classes, jobs, clubs, and social activities, we hardly get a chance to rest. And when we finally get a chance to relax at the end of the day, stress can bring us down. Let's all take a vow to stop worrying about at least one of these things:

1. The number of likes your social media post receives

We all know the feeling when you share something on social media and then anxiously wait to see who will show their online appreciation for your selfie or photo of your morning coffee. Most people view the number of likes they get as a measure of their popularity—and by extension, a measure of their self-worth. Although getting over a hundred likes on an Instagram photo feels great in the moment, the feedback on your social media account is not the definitive evaluation of who you are.

2. Having a dessert every once in a while

Eating healthy is definitely something to strive for, but don’t be too harsh on yourself if you have an ice cream or piece of pizza at dinner. Enjoy it!

3. The amount of time it takes someone to text you back

This one especially applies to someone you are romantically interested in. Getting instant responses is certainly satisfying, but don’t worry if someone takes a few minutes or hours to get back to you. How quickly another person responds to your text message is not a measure of how much you interest them.

4. The way your makeup looks when you leave your room

I know this is hard to believe, but you’ll just have to take my word for it: not as many people as you think are judging you for your makeup (or lack thereof). And more importantly, who cares about people who judge others based on physical appearance? If you feel comfortable throwing on some mascara, go for it. If you don't have time for it, feel free to go au naturale.

5. How much fun the people around you are having

Scrolling through your Facebook timeline and seeing your friends’ awesome pictures may sometimes leave you feeling down about your own social life. This false sense of inadequacy can be very damaging, and we must remember that seeing the highlights of everyone else’s life does not reflect reality. It is important to remember that people post what they want other people to see.

6. A bad grade

If you’re a perfectionist, anything less than an A can make you feel like a complete failure. However, try not to beat yourself up too much about one sub-par grade. Just pick yourself up and try harder next time—we’re all human.

7. What you’re going to do with the rest of your life

When you get overwhelmed, it’s easy for those feelings to snowball into other areas of your life. Unfortunately, anxiety sometimes takes over your brain. But we don't have to let it! No one expects you to have everything figured out when you’re in your teens and early twenties. And most people don’t discover their true calling until after a long period of soul-searching. Remember to have faith in yourself.

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