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6 Things You’ll Miss About School Over the Summer

It’s been a long, though speedy, year at college. Your time spent at university is full of stress and fun (let’s be real though, mostly stress). Even though finals are making your life difficult right now, there are some things that you can’t help but miss once you’ve returned home for the summer.

1. Your friends

Perhaps the most obvious of the list…going four months without your best friends is practically impossible. It’s especially difficult after spending so much time within walking distance of each other. But hey – that’s what FaceTime is for.

2. The green spaces

Oh yes, that outdoor space where you chill on sunny days. It’ll pop into your mind countless times over the summer.

3. The dining halls

At UMass, the food is insane and everyone misses those stir-fry and omelet lines once they don’t have to stand in them everyday.

4. Your dorm room

Don’t get me wrong, having a normal sized bed and all the comforts of home is great – but after spending the whole school year nesting into a tiny room with another human, it gets a little lonely to be by yourself.

5. The parties

Chances are, even if you get along with people in your hometown, the parties just aren’t that great back in the old hood. But, look on the bright side, a break from going out could just make you more productive this summer.

6. Class

I know you’re rolling your eyes at me right now, especially with finals happening. But, think about how excited you’ll be to come back to school – and what’s school without a little education.


So Collegiettes, soak in that last week of school, even if it’s stress-filled. Pretty soon you’re going to have four months of nothing but home and family time (which might actually be more stressful). 


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