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Five Self-Care Practices for Fall

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Autumn has officially arrived, and with the cooling weather and shorter days comes a perfect time to practice some self-care.

“Self-care helps mitigate the negative effects of stress,” says Dr. Sharon Martin, a licensed psychotherapist and author of The Better Boundaries Workbook. She continues, “You need self-care year-round, but some of your self-care practices may need to change with the seasons.” 

With that being said, the cozy season of fall is a natural time for reflection, change, renewal, and rest. Let’s get into five seasonal self-care practices that you can incorporate into your routine this autumn!

Treat Yourself to a starbucks fall beverage

If there’s one thing Starbucks is known for, it’s their iconic fall drinks. Take the time this season to savor one of your favorite items from the Starbucks Fall Menu.

Enjoy the foliage

Get on your hiking shoes! It’s time to ground yourself in nature by basking in the colorful foliage of fall. Going for a hike or taking a stroll in nature is an easy and affordable way to reduce stress and boost your mood. The United Kingdom’s Mental Health Foundation shares, “Nature can generate positive emotions, such as calmness, joy, and creativity.” The organization additionally states that “nature connectedness is…associated with lower levels of poor mental health, particularly lower depression and anxiety.” With its changing leaves and cool temperatures, fall couldn’t be a more perfect season to spend time outdoors.

watch your favorite fall movie

Wind down by cozying up with a nostalgic movie. Watching your go-to comfort film or your favorite Halloween movie is a simple and mundane way to relax this fall season. Robert N.Kraft, Ph.D., a cognitive psychology professor at Otterbein University, states that “repeated viewing fulfills emotional needs, gives us comfort, provides a sense of control over our lives, and connects us with our past.” So, next time you feel the urge to re-watch one of your favorite fall films, remember that doing so is beneficial to your psychological wellbeing!

bake a pumpkin-flavored dessert

Pumpkin spice season has officially made its return. If you like all things pumpkin, treat yourself to a tasty, pumpkin-flavored dessert. Not only is baking homemade desserts enjoyable, but the sweet smell of baked goods can also evoke positive feelings. Research shows that scents that are linked with positive memories can significantly decrease stress levels.

have an essential oils bath

There’s nothing like taking a warm bath with essential oils after a long and busy week. Research shows that essential oils have the ability to “improve your mood by enhancing the release of serotonin and dopamine.” Try unwinding this fall with some seasonal scents like frankincense, cinnamon leaf, bergamot, and patchouli.

There’s no better way to embrace the magic of autumn than by aligning your self-care practices with the changing of the seasons. The darker nights and cooler air urge us to slow down and take a look inward to better understand ourselves and the world around us. Use these self-care practices to guide you toward peace and happiness this fall!

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