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5 Places to Look to Start Your Job/Internship Search

Strap on your seat belts ladies and gents, because you’re about to speed through a crash course on searching for a job or internship. I’m sure we’ve all heard repeatedly that you should have at least one internship before you graduate, and this truth bomb can be overwhelming. Despite the subzero temps and snowfall, now is the time of year to be looking for a summer internship. Or, if you’re a senior, to begin thinking about your…CAREER (I’ll pause for a moment until we all stop crying). The process of searching can seem intimidating and at times, incredibly frustrating. What do I do? Where do I start? Well, I’m about to show you! And the best part is, you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Yes, that’s right, I’m giving you permission to build your future while wearing sweatpants. So put that business casual pantsuit away and start searching.

1. UMass Career Connect

Many people are surprised by this, but UMass has a job and internship search engine. After completing a profile, you can use the advanced search tool and specify location, industry, full/part time, major, etc. These jobs are posted by companies who are looking to specifically recruit UMass students. Just by going here, you’ve got the competitive edge!

2. Internships.com

Yep, this is a real website, and it’s legit. It’s a division of Chegg (that website I’m sure you use to find the cheapest textbooks), and it allows you to upload a resume and directly apply for different opportunities based on your selected location.

3. LinkedIn

So you’ve made that perfect LinkedIn profile and don’t know what you’re supposed to do with it, other than endorse your friends for Microsoft Office. That was me too, until my eyes were opened to this link: https://www.linkedin.com/studentjobs. There’s a whole page just for us! First you select a job function (the options are limited, but play around with it a bit) and it brings up a whole list of available positions.

4. Indeed

The Holy Grail of job search websites. Basically like Google for your career, simply type in a keyword (job title, company, industry, skill, etc.) and location, and Indeed pulls up results from hundreds of different websites. Perhaps overwhelming at first, but it certainly provides diverse and numerous results.

5. Barefoot Student

This website is where I landed my most recent internship. Tailored specifically for students, this site has lots of postings for college students and recent grads.

Take the time to check out some of these websites to start seeing what kinds of opportunities are out there. Because if you’re anything like me, at times you’re not even sure which way is up when it comes to careers. And if you’re ever feeling lost, stop by Career Services for additional advice. But maybe change out of those sweatpants first.

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