4 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday Away From Home

When you're a kid, birthdays are the most exciting day of the year.  All you want is to grow up, and you get to enjoy all of the presents and birthday cake while you do so.  Unfortunately, as you get older, birthdays can lose the appeal that they once had.  Your birthday gifts become smaller, your birthday parties less extravagant, and some people still have to go to school on their birthday. 

Since I personally have a September birthday, I always had to go to school to celebrate—and just before I turned 18 last year, I realized that my birthday would be spent away at college; I would no longer be surrounded by the friends and family with whom I have spent the past 18 birthdays.  This can be difficult, so after recently celebrating a second birthday at college, I decided to compile some tips and tricks on how to spend your birthdays away from home:


1. Tell your new friends about your birthday!

Although it may feel awkward to go around telling people that you just met that it's your birthday, it is something fun that they should know! When you are at college, you will realize that people love an excuse to celebrate.  So, ask people to celebrate your birthday with you, because everyone will be happy to join. Even if you just wear a birthday crown for a picture or let someone buy you a slice of pizza for dinner, these little celebrations will make you happy that you're celebrating another trip around the sun.

2. Invite your family to visit!

Depending on how far away from home your college is, this option may not be realistic for you. However, if it is, inviting your family to celebrate is definitely something that you should consider. Some people might find it lame to have parents come visit at college, but remember that your family has watched you grow up over the years; it's only right to spend yet another birthday being forced into taking photos with a party hat on at a popular restaurant in your college town—thanks for that one, Mom.


3. Take advantage of the amazing birthday deals!

I am always the type of person to buy myself a birthday gift—and how can you resist when you're offered so many deals? Stores such as American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, DSW, The Body Shop, J. Crew, and Anthropologie all provide birthday deals and coupons. Some stores such as Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and Benefit even offer free gifts! Just sit back on your computer and (online) shop the night away. However, be aware that most of these amazing deals are provided on the condition that you're a member of the stores' loyalty programs.

4.  Celebrate yourself—by yourself!

Self care is so important: your birthday is the one day of the year where you get to celebrate who you are and what you have done. Living in this day and age as a teenage girl is hard, and making it through 19 years deserves some celebration! Whether you're just putting on a face mask, eating that extra piece of cake at the dining hall, or writing down nice things about yourself, take some time alone to really reflect on what you've accomplished and where you are going.

Birthdays only come around once a year, and even if you are living away at school and have a million things going on at college, take some time to celebrate who you are, and congratulate yourself on another year!

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