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4 Reasons Adulting is Actually Fun

As a senior in college, I often find myself wondering where all the time went. It feels like just yesterday I was moving in to my freshman dorm, nervous and excited for the four years to come. The reality that college is ending is finally setting in, and with that comes an even scarier thought: adulthood is here. Growing up can be really hard at times, and comes with tons of trials and tribulations for everyone involved. Despite its hardships though, adulting does have its perks. Here are my top 4 favorite things about this major life transition.

Being Over 21

I was one of the last of my friends to turn 21, and the wait seemed endless. Let me tell you, finally being of legal drinking age does feel good. I can go to bars and clubs, buy whatever I want at liquor stores, and my first trip to the casino was pretty cool. Amherst bars are always a fun time, and I love being able to go out with my friends with ease. The wait to turn 21 can seem endless – trust me, I know – but you’ll get there. Eventually.

Grocery Shopping

One of my favorite parts of living off campus in an apartment is being able to go grocery shopping for myself. It can definitely be overwhelming, especially if you go into it without a plan, but soon enough you’ll get it down to a science. Going along with that, getting groceries and having a kitchen has forced me to start cooking – and it’s actually a lot of fun! It’s surprisingly easier than I imagined it would be, and nothing compares to that feeling of accomplishment when I’ve created the perfect meal. Plus, you can team up with your roommates to cook together, or take turns cooking for each other. The master chef inside you is just waiting to come out.

Decorating Your Apartment

Sure, you’ve customized your bedroom at home and dorm room to perfection, but an entire apartment is definitely a game changer. The whole layout, décor, and atmosphere is all up to you to create. Of course, as a college student or recent grad, you probably won’t have the biggest budget. So hit up your local Goodwill, check Facebook marketplace, and wrangle in those good deals. You might end up with a living room of mismatched furniture (my roommates and I did) but that’s just part of the charm. It’ll be all yours, and odds are you’ll love it no matter how tacky. Add personal touches like candles, plants, and wall décor, to make it the coziest place imaginable.


Whether you’re just starting college or just finishing, this is one thing everyone can relate to. As much as I love home, it’s definitely nice to have my own space where nobody can tell me what to do. Here at school, I can come home late from a night out without worrying about waking up my parents. I can let my room get a little messy, because I know at some point I’ll clean it up even if nobody tells me to. I can have a lazy day in bed, walk around the apartment in my underwear, even eat ramen for breakfast (it’s a great hangover cure, okay?) Don’t get me wrong, my family is amazing, but having the power and freedom to make my own everyday choices is also important to me.

No, adulthood won’t be all fun and games, but it does have its moments. So cheer up! No matter how scary adulting can be, know that you at least have a few fun things to look forward to.

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Maria Arvanitis

U Mass Amherst '19

Maria is a senior studying psychology and English at UMass Amherst. She has a passion for traveling, animals, and 80s movies, and her hair color is always changing. Find her on Instagram: @m.ria
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