3 Simple and Easy Tricks for a Beyonce Booty

A wise man once said, “I like big butts, and I cannot lie,” and since then, young women everywhere have strived to walk in with an itty-bitty waist and round thing in the faces of others. And though we’re not all blessed with a perfectly perky behind, there’s a few instant tricks you can try to get the lovely lady lumps of Fergie and to ease the minds of Sir Mix-A-Lots everywhere.

1. Find the right jeans. 

The right pair of jeans can make or break a girl’s butt. When trying to get that Beyonce booty, go for a tight-fitting pair of jeans, skinny or straight, and with some stretch, especially at the waistline. High-waist jeans are great for cinching the smallest part of your waist and making your butt appear bigger. For those already graced with a fuller butt, go for a pair of jeans that sit right below your belly button to make your butt look perkier and rounder. Dark wash jeans, even though they’re great for slimming legs, can make your butt look smaller. If you’re in desperate need of some junk in the trunk, shy away from super dark wash jeans. Choose pastels, a medium or light wash jeans, or even white jeans.

Pockets and pocket placement are crucial when it comes to flaunting your butt. Pockets placed higher on the butt makes for a bigger looking booty, but pockets too high will give you that mom-butt look. Pockets that sit too low on the butt will make it look flatter and cut the lines that give your booty shape. Look for pockets that sit at the fullest part of your butt or slightly above your cheeks, and are set at a slight inward angle as well; those will give your rear some extra roundness. If you’re looking to draw more attention to your backside, choose pockets with some sort of embellishment, whether that be stitching, sequence, or colored thread. Flap pockets are great too, for a sexy lift. Just be careful of pockets that are too small or too big, and avoid pocket-less pants all together.

2. Wear high heels.

I know it's hard for my fellow Collegiettes to spend an entire night in a pair of four-inch pumps, but for a great butt, you’ve got to go with the pumps. Wearing high heels arches your lower back, giving your butt a perkier and toned look. To ease the pain, try a pair of wedges, or slip some insoles into your sexiest heels. Your butt will (eventually) thank you.

3. Do Squats.

Even though I’d love to give you a quicker alternative to a tighter butt than days of squats, they really are your best bet. Luckily, squats are easy, quick, and you see results fast. Do 2 reps of 20 squats at least three or four days a week, and for a more challenging routine, hold weights on your sides or out in front of you. Lunges and kick backs are also great to tone your butt. Working on and toning your core will also make your belly look tighter and smaller, making your butt look bigger.

So next time you decide to “rock it everywhere,” remember these simple tips!