15 Reasons You Must Watch YouTuber Kalyn Nicholson

YouTube stars are not uncommon nowadays, thanks to the popularity and addictiveness of something we call the internet. YouTube has let a number of ordinary kids, moms, or teens become extraordinary with creative videos containing anything from advice, fashion, funny jokes, planning, gaming, or gossip. Kalyn Nicholson is one of the people whose life was changed by YouTube. She is an ordinary 22-year-old — except for the fact that she has a following of over a million people. She faces normal obstacles, like what to wear on a date, how to eat healthier, and getting work done without procrastinating. Her fans relate to her because of this and can’t wait to watch her weekly YouTube videos. Here’s 15 reasons why you should hit the subscribe button for Kalyn Nicholson.

1. She starts every video with a quotation to live by.

2. Her videos are very personal & relatable - from anything from relationships advice to confidence tips.

Here's are two videos to check out that show the personal side of Kalyn's videos.

3. Kalyn's "Boy Talk" videos!

4. She addresses mental health awareness.

Again, her personal experience is able to help her viewers who deal with similar things, such as anxiety, deal with them.

5. She is all about helping others better themselves in the best ways.

Here's some #ADULTING tips videos!

She also has great advice for how to wake up early and get stuff done!


6. She’s a vegan and has awesome healthy recipes to recommend.

7. She’s great at decorating.

Check out the cutest decor in her apartment tour videos! #ApartmentGOALS

8. Kalyn loves DIYs.

9. She has awesome fashion and makeup advice.

10. YOUtober! AKA - when Kalyn posts a video EVERY day for the month of October.

11. She has awesome taste in music.

Here’s her Spotify and 8tracks accounts where she makes playlists!

12. Kalyn loves working out & it will inspire you to get fit.

13. She loves reading and is writing a book!

14. She has two channels! One that’s more personal with vlogs and one that’s more for beauty/lifestyle.

Here's her main channel and her "More of Kalyn" personal one! Gotta love vlogs.

15. Her awesome morning and night routines are fun to watch & get you motivated to wake up early and get stuff done.

These are just a few videos that Kalyn features on her channels. She has TONS more. Check them out here! And follow her on social media below:

- Twitter

- Instagram


Sources: all from Kalyn Nicholson's website and YouTube channel