13 Reasons Why We Can't Wait for Taylor Swift's New Album 1989

Anyone else counting down the days until October 27th?! If you’re not good with dates, this one is a major one. Write this down—because it is the day T Swift’s latest album FINALLLLLY comes out! So. In honor of October being the month of the album release, here are a few reasons why we can’t wait for all this new music. Swiftie style.

1."Shake It Off" (Swift's first single off the album) is ahhhh-mazing and if it’s anything like the album, it will slay in the charts.

2. It’s her first official pop album so there are probably going to be some new, sick beats.

3. Taylor ALWAYS puts on an outstanding performance & for this tour she is giving away so many FREE chances for fans to come see her—with the "1989 Swiftstakes," Taylor's giving away 1,000 tickets & 500 meet & greets for her next tour. Taylor's also giving away 1,989 amazing items (clever, right?).

4. Taylor Swift is fearless (not making a reference to her past album or anything) and is never afraid to say what she feels: heartbreak, happiness...calling someone out in her songs. We’re in for some great lyrics.

5. Taylor can be a lot of things, but being predictable is not one of them. What will her new music show us about her next?

6. She’s experiencing new things—living in NYC certainly will give her a different flair to her music and we can’t wait to see what living in the Big Apple does to her sound!

7. With new albums & new eras in her music, Taylor always takes on new looks--from her hair to her clothes. Her latest style is so adorable and unique from the past, which must mean her new music style is going to be fabulous & different from the norm.

8. More new music means more music videos and more hilarious dancing gifs

9. Taylor may be a hugeglamorous celebrity, but behind all the fame she's just your average, dorky, cat-loving 24 year-old going through love, heartbreak, and the highs and lows of being a young adult. She is truly relatable to teens all over & has the ability to put that into her music.

10. Taylor loves to be creative with her fans, so with every CD you'll get a bunch of original polaroids she took.


11. It seems like Taylor knows and is BFFs with basically everyone in the Hollywood from Cara Delevingne to Selena Gomez to Lorde to Ed Sheeran… Who knows who she might collaborate with on this album?

12. Her lyrics & ability to write these incredible hits herself is what makes Taylor such an amazing artist. People are always wondering how she does it. With this album, you'll get 3 of Taylor's songwriting voice memos that document the early creation of 3 songs off the album to show how she comes up with these masterpieces. How cool will those be?!

13. AND FINALLY, new T Swizzle music means more Taylor at award shows