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12 Childhood Activities That You Should Still Consider This Summer

There are so many summer activities we used to do as kids that are equally as fulfilling as 20-something's. If you and your friends find yourselves struggling to find something to do on your days off, check out a few of these underrated activities below:
Find a flat trail and roll away with a few friends. If you haven't strapped on a pair in a while, I suggest avoiding hills at all costs. 
Make a Bird Feeder:
I am always looking for creative crafts to get through some of those rainy summer days. Michael's, for example, has all kinds of projects prepared with a list of materials and directions.
Hopefully you haven't grown out of this yet. What's better than a fire, roasted marshmallows, and chocolate with all of your friends? 
Water Balloon Fight:
Channel your inner 12-year-old, throw on a bathing suit, and prepare for war.
Tie-Dye Shirts:
It can get messy, that's for sure. But it's a great excuse to be outside, enjoy the sun, and get those creative juices flowing.
Make Pancakes:
Who makes pancakes anymore? We're so quick to eat breakfast at a cafe rather than our own kitchen. But, making pancakes can be fun. Check out my article about unusual pancake recipes to give you some ideas.
Go Camping:
Perhaps you can't stand the thought of camping with your family. But, going with a bunch of your crazy friends? Game changer. Grab a group of people who enjoy being outside, don't mind sleeping in a tent, and can throw a fire together (bonus points for the kid who can work the grill).
Drive-In Movie:
While there are not many, they still exist. And they are awesome. Bring a lot of food, drinks, and someone with an SUV. 
Mini Golf:
No brainer. Always a power move in the summer time. 
Nope, I'm not over them yet. You shouldn't be either.
Go to the Zoo:
When's the last time you went to the zoo? And no I'm not talking about UMass
Flag Down the Ice Cream Truck:
Because why not? Why deny the inner kid in you? It's okay to act on that 8-year-old voice every once in a while. I won't judge you - even if you choose Spiderman solely for the gum balls.
Whatever you choose to do this summer, have fun, Collegiettes! Live it up because summer only lasts so long. Next thing you know, we'll be back for Fall 2014.
Happy Summer!
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