10 Tips for Surviving Finals Week

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1.  Maintain a routine to take care of yourself.

While it’s nice to simply stay in pajamas sans make-up all day while studying, keeping up your daily care routine may actually help. Shower, wash your face, brush your teeth and change out of your pj’s. It will help you feel more on top of your game while tackling that tricky material.

2. Know how to stay awake (for that inevitable all-nighter)

How many of us have decided to pull an all-nighter and woken up with a sore back at our desk the next morning? (Hint: too many.) Stock up on products that will help you stay alert.

3. That being said, get plenty of sleep

No matter how much you study, it will not help if you are totally sleep deprived. One all-nighter is fine, a couple are not.

4. Stock up on medicine, just in case

It’s always a good idea to have Vitamin C, cough drops and cold medicine on-hand. That way if you start to feel sick, you don’t have to stress about getting what you need. It will already be waiting for you!

5. Don’t be afraid to glam things up once in a while

Just like with the basics (washing your face, brushing your teeth), this is an important part of feeling good. Even if it’s something little like a swipe of mascara or fun flash tat, going the extra step can really lift your mood.

6. Eat well

It’s all too easy to eat junk during finals; you’re busy, stressed and don’t have a lot of energy. Try not to rely on Ramen. Buy a pack of strawberries, snack on some trail mix or grab a cup of soup.

7. Be confident

Attitude is half of it. If you go into an exam thinking you’re not going to do well, you probably won’t do well. It can be tough to stay positive, but remember: you can do it.

8.  Look at any list with a title like “Hot Guys to Get You Through Finals,” or “15 Best Puppy Photos.”

Trust us, these always help.

9. Treat Yo' Self

Rewardyourself with something you've had your eye on. Knowing that clutch, sweater or book is waiting will motivate you to get through the week. 

10. Keep in mind that it’s almost over

One week. That’s it. Then you get to enjoy a month off: no classes, no homework, no noisy neighbors. 

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