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Thinking of visiting New York City? Don’t want to get lost in the Big Apple? As someone who grew up about forty minutes from the city, I’ve been there a ton of times and have some super cool experiences that I think everyone should see at least once. Check out these ideas if you’re ever in NYC!

1. Broadway: These tickets can be super expensive, so if you are able to save up some money to see a Broadway show, I definitely recommend it! It’s a room full of the most talented people right before your eyes. There are several shows playing in NYC at one time, so the choice is up to you! 

times square mean girls billboard
Photo by Mathias Arlund on Unsplash

2. Central Park: Cradled in the middle of NYC, you can stroll through the gorgeous Central Park; it’s huge, has an ice skating rink under the skyscrapers, and has towering rocks you can climb on for a better view!

3. MoMA: The Museum of Modern Art is a famous attraction, and has some signature pieces to be on the look for. You can spend a few hours here, or even the entire day.

4. Rockefeller Center/The Tree: Rockefeller Center is an amazing place with the famous New York City Tree during the holiday season. It also has a huge ice skating rink that you can look down into. Be sure to plan your visit wisely though, because this place can get packed in the winter months!

new york city architecture
Pexels / Lukas Kloeppel

5. Saks Fifth Ave light show: Across the street from the Tree is the Saks Fifth Avenue light show. A celebration of the holiday season, which goes off every ten minutes in December. It’s a few minutes of music, lights, and pure creativity.

6. Carmine’s Italian Restaurant: This is probably my favorite NYC restaurant because of the uniqueness. It’s an incredible Italian restaurant famous for its portion sizes. They give you more food than you can eat in one sitting, so it’s perfect for having food for the rest of the week!

7. Bryant Park: This cute park has a bunch of small shops and another ice skating rink! Get some awesome food here and some unique NYC souvenirs!

new york city street taxi
Pexels / Craig Adderley
8. Catch an event at Madison Square Garden: This big arena is attached to Penn Station, so right when you get off the train, you’ll be there! Be sure to see a concert or sporting event here; there’s so many throughout the year!

Canal Street Station Signage
Ana Paula Nardini / Pexels
9. Yankee Stadium: Sorry Patriots fans, but visiting the famous New York Yankees team settled in the Bronx is an awesome experience!

10. Times Square: Wanna see the famous New Year’s Eve ball? Head to Times Square for a fun but crowded experience filled with street merchants, NYC stores, and hundreds of attention-grabbing billboards located in Manhattan.

people crossing intersection new york city times square
Pexels / Vlad Alexandru Popa
There are so many amazing things to do in New York City, but these are some of my favorites. If you ever get the chance to go, be sure to make the most of it; they don’t call it “the city that never sleeps” for no reason!

Elizabeth Mooney

U Mass Amherst '22

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