We Just Finished Binge Watching YOU and We Have So Many Questions

Over Winter Break, I was sitting with one of my best friends at Margaritas when she asked me if I had watched the new series from Lifetime that had just been uploaded onto Netflix, YOU. Now, I had seen posts about it on instagram accounts along with a number of Gossip Girl references because Joe Goldberg is essentially Dan Humphrey 2.0 obsessing over a gorgeous blonde who he prematurely judges by her online presence and choice of friends before falling in love and entering a relationship with her.


         Obviously, there are spoilers ahead. Did I want to watch a show about a girl in New York City getting followed by a crazy, murderous stalker when I live alone? Not particularly. However, after watching Episode 1, I was hooked and watched the series with her in the span of two days. As the title suggests, now that we gave in and binge watched the show, we were left with so many questions.


1. Where are her blinds?

This is honestly my top question. This girl lives in New York on what appears to be the first floor and she has no blinds, shutters or curtains. She literally has a fern in front of her window and that’s the closest to any coverage of the windows that we get in the whole series.


2. For a serial killer who doesn’t plan ANYTHING, how does he get away with so much?

Joe Goldberg murders several people in this series and doesn’t plan a single one of those murders. He gets away with it every single time. I get that it’s for the plot but it’s completely unrealistic that murder, much less serial murdering, is convenient enough that you don’t need to plan ahead.


3. Is DNA evidence not a thing?

Going off of number two, Joe Goldberg is incredibly careless with his DNA. He touches anything and everything before he murders his victims and somehow the police, detectives and private investigator don’t seem to even factor that into their investigations. I get that this, too, is also for the plot, but he should be at least wearing gloves and being more careful.


4. Is no one watching Paco?

I understand that this kid is meant to be a mini Joe and humanize him in the process so that we don’t think of him as a complete monster but does literally no one watch this kid? Pretty sure the most asked question was “Where’s Paco?” His mom and her horrible boyfriend, Joe, Karen, Beck and everybody else don’t seem to care where this child goes and what he does on a daily basis.


5. Does anyone know what Blythe is saying 90% of the time?

This character had the strangest vocabulary and references normal, everyday things in the oddest ways. I either gave up trying to figure out what she was saying or played the guessing game when it came to her dialogue.


6. For someone so full of secrets, why does she have NO passwords?

Beck is one of those characters who seems very surface level but has a lot of skeletons in her closet. This is the girl who lied to everyone she knew about her dad being dead and you expect me to believe that a girl like that wouldn’t password protect her phone AND computer?


7. How is she not furious when her window gets smashed?

This might be something very juvenile to point out but at one point, Joe throws a rock through her window as part of the scene where he declares his love for her. As romantic as that is supposed to seem, how is she not furious about the window? Especially considering that this girl does not have the money to pay her expenses, let alone fix a window someone else broke.


8. Beck and Joe are both supposed to be knowledgeable in literature, yet both of them text in abbreviations.

Maybe this is an unfair expectation but I feel like if a writer and a bookstore owner exchange texts, they wouldn’t do so through abbreviations and emojis. I feel like they would write out full sentences.


9. Where are the comments and likes on Beck’s Instagram?

After meeting Beck, Joe goes on his computer and stalks all of her public accounts on social media, one of these being Instagram. However, her Instagram post get at max, eleven likes and no comments. He makes a big deal about how her accounts are all set to public, but hardly anyone looks at them so why does that matter?


10. How does Beck not notice that Joe knows things that she hasn’t told him already or posted about?

Several times in this series, she mentions something that she has not posted about or told him and he agrees with her. Wouldn’t that set off red flags if somebody knew things about you that you haven't explicitly stated or posted anywhere?


         There you have it, ten of the most burning questions we had while watching this show. If you are looking for a series to quickly binge watch and get fully invested in, this might just be for you. There might be some missing plot points and a lot of questions because of inconsistencies, but all in all, it’s worth the watch and I’ll be tuning in for it’s second season!