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Maine Day 2017: A Recap

In 1935, current UMaine president Arthur Hauck created the first Maine Day: a day set aside for cleaning the campus before students took...

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Senior Week at UMaine

The last week of classes is finally here and it’s going to be a busy one, especially for those of you who thought ahead and bought a senior...

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Maine Day 2017: Scheduled Events

Maine Day is basically the biggest holiday here at UMaine, and it happens every year on the Wednesday of the first week of May. UMaine...

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Profile: Maria Goodale

Basic Facts Name: Maria Goodale Hometown: Sunny Wells, Maine Relationship status: Single :/ Sign: Leo Twitter: mar_good Instagram: mar_good...

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How to Finish the Semester Strong

It’s official black bears; we only have six full weeks of classes left until summer (and only 41 days left until Maine Day… but who’s...