Profile: Hannah Deschenes

Basic Facts

Full Name: Hannah Catherine Deschenes


Hometown: Brentwood, New Hampshire


Relationship Status: In a Relationship


Astrology Sign: Libra


Instagram Handle: @hannahcatherine98


Campus Life

Major: History


Minors: Women’s and Gender Studies


Year of Graduation: 2020


Why the University of Maine?

I chose the University of Maine because the campus is beautiful and I fell in love with my teammates when I came on my recruiting trip.


Favorite thing about the University of Maine?

My favorite thing about the University of Maine is how inclusive the campus is and how big it is. I also love how the mall looks when it’s fall and all the leaves are changing colors, it’s so pretty!



Bestfriends: Teammates and people I’ve met in my major.


Best Place to Meet People at the University of Maine: The Union or the Library.


Best Professors on Campus: Liam Riordan, Rebecca White and Anne Knowles, they are all history professors!


Best Classes You’ve Taken: Anne Knowles’ History of the Holocaust class (HTY 411), and Liam Riordan’s American Revolution class (HTY 462).


Best Weekend Activities: Catch up on sleep, go out to eat, hang out with friends and take road trips to all the scenic places around Maine.


Best underrated place to go in Maine: The lakes in the area, I really like taking trips to those. They are all really pretty and you can catch an awesome sun set there.



Favorite Song to Dance to: Anything by Ariana Grande, she’s got a great voice!


Favorite Song to Listen to and Sing Along in your Car: Hamilton Soundtrack.


Favorite Place to Eat in Orono: OTO (Outta the Ordinary) in Old Town. They just opened up this year and they have awesome pizza.


Favorite Snacks: Cheez-Its or Swedish Fish.


Favorite and/or Lucky Number: 17!


Favorite Snapchat Filter: The Beach Vibes Lens!


Favorite Social Media: Instagram, I love looking at my friends posts.


Favorite Day of the Week: Friday!


Favorite Season: Definitely fall, it’s the prettiest.


Favorite Time of Day: Lunch Time!!

Top Three’s:

Top Three on Undergraduate Bucket List: Visit Canada, land an awesome internship, and to make more friends in my major.


Top Three Places to Frequent in Maine: Acadia, Bar Harbor, Camden.


Top Three Sayings Daily: 1. Are we going to get food soon? 2. Do you want to watch a Disney movie? 3. I need to get a coffee first.


Top Three Goals for the Semester: 1. I would like to keep my GPA above a 3.4! 2. Have an awesome senior seminar paper that I am proud of. 3. Have fun with my friends in my second to last year in college.



This year’s championship meet was awesome! We had a lot of really fast swimmers from both the men’s and women’s teams, and a few records were broken at the meet which was awesome to watch. I swam the 500 freestyle, the 400 IM, and the 200 backstroke. I was really happy with all of my swims, but I was especially excited about my 500 freestyle because I swam a best time. But my favorite part of the entire meet was getting to spend time with my senior class at their last meet of their swimming and diving careers. I will miss them all so much next year!