A Playlist For Your Walk to Class

Music is empowering and can change your entire day with one press of a button. If you’re coming out of your class and feeling down, all you have to do is select your pick-me-up playlist for a little boost. When you want to feel pumped up at the gym, simply select your workout motivation playlist! Since coming to campus, I’ve realized that music can be a good way to get yourself in an overall better mood. One of the most beneficial situations for some good jams are when you’re taking the long trek across campus to get to class. There’s nothing worse than speedwalking to your far away class and the only thing that’s audible is random honking from cars. One of the best ways to make your trip a lot more fun is to listen to some of the greatest hype songs, whether it be throwback or the most recent hits. This list will be sure to get you in a good mood for the trip.

  1. Lizzo- Good as Hell
  2. Ariana Grande- Break free
  3. Grouplove- Tongue Tied
  4. Demi Lovato- Sorry not Sorry
  5. Camila Cabello- Liar
  6. Selena Gomez- Hands to Myself
  7. Fifth Harmony- Top Down
  8. Jonas Brothers- Sucker
  9. Katy Perry- Never Really Over
  10. Bebe Rexha- Call You Mine 
  11. Taylor Swift- 22
  12. Jax Jones ft. RAYE- You Don’t Know Me
  13. MAX- Love me Less