How to Live Like Gigi Hadid (When You're Balling On a College Girl's Budget)

Gigi Hadid is basically ruling the world right now. From gracing the covers of the most influencial magazines to dating (ex) members of our favorite boybands, Gigi's living the life we all wish we could. Although we might not be multimillionaires before we're old enough to legally drink, we can still make a few little changes to live a little bit more like the oldest Hadid sister! 

1. Always have your friends’ backs

Gigi and her supermodel girl gang define squad goals. Although most of us can’t afford to casually spend a day running around Paris shopping with our BFFs, we can still learn a lesson or two from Gigi’s famous friend group.

Check out Circle Pay, a social payment app that lets you send or receive money with your girl gang. Next time your BFF forgets to bring her debit card on a sushi date, tell her she can get you back with the Circle Pay app. You can even use emojis and GIFs in your money messages! (And if you follow Gigi on social media, you know she never hits “send” without tacking a few carefully selected emojis to the end of a message.)

PS, if you enter SB2016 on the app, you’ll be entered for a chance to win $1,000 to splurge on a trip!


2. Keep your girls in place

No, not your girl gang... we’re talking about your other girls.

Wardrobe malfunctions happen to the best of us. Because we probably can’t keep our cool as well as Gigi did after her nip slip at the Versace show during Milan Fashion Week,  we’ve got to get creative when we’re rocking scandalous outfits.

Brappz are a new fashion accessory that can be worn as jewelry or as a bra strap when you’re in a boob-bind. Use the multi-functional accessories to keep yourself covered!


3. Step up your eyeliner game

Admit it, your Pinterest page is filled with pictures of Gigi’s highly coveted cat-eye makeup.

Milani Cosmetics has an Ultrafine Felt Tip Liquid Liner that makes it so much easier to rock winged eyeliner. It’s waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about your eye makeup calling it a night before you do. Plus, it’s vegan and only $7.99, so it’s totally guilt-free.


4.  Have great hair

Gigi Hadid has awesome hair. (Okay, well, she has awesome everything.) It’s always perfectly voluminous, but totally touchable.


Add TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume products to your beauty routine! The Pre-Wash Conditioner protects hair while you’re washing it, so it’ll stay super-soft. Follow up with the Volume Shampoo, which kicks any excess weight to the curb, leaving your locks bouncy!


5.  Stay healthy!

Supermodels aren’t the only ones who have to treat their bodies well to avoid missing work; a strong, healthy body should be a top priority for everyone!

Taking two AZO Cranberry Gummies daily is the easiest way to get all of the benefits of a full glass of cranberry juice without actually having to drink cranberry juice. (Because, ew, that’s gross.)  Adding AZO Gummies to your daily routine will definitely help with keeping your urinary tract healthy!


6. Travel in StYLe~

Gigi’s constantly jetsetting around the world, and her travel outfits always demonstrate a perfect balance between comfort, function and style.

We might not have assistants to wheel our luggage around, but we can still look fab while we’re running around town.  Vera Bradley’s Ella Tote is the perfect bag for traveling (or just lugging all of your stuff to class while you wish you were flying across the globe for a fashion shoot. Whatever).

The black leather straps and gold hardware are a super chic addition to any on-the-go outfit. There’s even a secret pocket at the top seam to keep your phone in! (You know, so you don’t have to dig through your bag when you’re expecting a text from bae.)