How To Become Friends With Your Roommates

Living with friends or new people can be an adjustment to many since a lot of us don’t know what it’s like to actually have to share their own things and living space with non-family members.  We have all had our share of bad roommates, and know how much of a negative impact it can cause on life. Due to this, being friends with your roommates makes everything a lot more positive as you are already dealing with the stress of school and other everyday life situations.  It’s so much nicer going home to people that you want to share stuff with and can be yourself around, than the opposite. Here are a few ways on how to become friends with your roomies and enjoy a positive living situation. 


Go out together

Whether it is going to a party, going out to eat, or sharing your interests, this is a good way to really get to know who you are living with and spend quality time with them.  You may find that your new roommates are the perfect people for you and have found new best friends.


Share Responsibilities

You can either figure this one out when you first move in or each person just takes initiative on their own in doing any chores that needs to be done.  This typically tends to be something that causes roommates to get on each other’s nerves, due to one person always doing more than the others.  Communication is the best way to express feelings about this.


Be Open About Things

Put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to share things with your roommates, you should want to come home and share crazy stories or just talk about your day with them.  This is a big way to get to know details about the people you’re living with.  I personally love my roommates and can talk and share everything with them; they are always willing to listen and give advice if need be.


Don’t Stress the Small Stuff

This comes with everyone, whether you live with them or not.  If your roommates do something that irritates you, express that to them or if it really doesn’t actually affect anybody in a big way just let it go.  Most of the time it isn’t worth getting upset over something that can easily be forgotten, and isn’t seen as a big deal to others.


Respect Each Other’s Space

Everyone needs their alone time when they can just relax and be by themselves; especially when studying, doing homework, or being with your SO.  It is important for everyone to have their own personal space with their own personal things too.  Your roommates will always be there when you need them or want to hangout. 


Have Fun!

You won’t necessarily be living with these people after college so just have fun with them and do as much as you can together.  Friends are so important to have in life, and it makes life so much more fun when you loves the ones you live with.  Do as much as you can together now because before you know it, school will be over and your living situations may change.


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