A Guide to All Things Oozeball

Calling all Oozers! Here is your go to guide for all things Oozeball on Maine Day.

Ummm…..what? Oozeball! What could sound more appealing than that, am I right? For those of you who are not aware, on Maine Day our lovely brothers of Alpha Delta put on an event that is basically mud volleyball. No score is kept, the goal is to have fun and get as muddy as possible in the 15 minutes you are given. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty!

What should I expect? Literally just expect to be caked in mud from head to toe. Have fun, laugh a lot, and brace yourself to get tackled at least once. You’ll be in a big pit of muddy water with 5 other of your friends facing off against another team.

What are the rules? Well, you could follow basic volleyball rules. But in the end you are just throwing a ball around with everyone and no one remembers the game. Alpha Delta says to just have fun, get oozey, and no leaving the pit until you’re dirty enough.

What should I wear? Absolutely anything you want! There is one professor that wears a suit every year. No matter what you wear the mud will still get in and laundry will be a hassle. You might even need 2 showers before you finally feel clean enough, but trust me it is totally worth it.

Why? Well, Oozeball provides Alpha Delta the opportunity to raise money for The Collin MacMillan Charitable Fund. To play it is $6 per person and 6 people per team. So $36 per team and they usually get a lot of teams! Collin was a brother that sadly passed away and Alpha Delta continues to be motivated to do service in his name.