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Five Spring Cleaning Chores To Keep in Mind That You Usually Forget

Spring means so many things to us busy UMaine students. Parking lots will become substantially less messy, Maine Day is quickly approaching, and for our seniors, Spring Commencement is upon the horizon. There is no denying that Spring at UMaine holds much excitement, but the changing of the seasons doesn’t always mean sunshine and rainbows. Along with mounds of schoolwork, the stress of Spring Cleaning has been thrust upon us. This may mean vacuuming your bedroom floor or finally removing all those Aromas cups from under the seats of your car. Whether this annual Spring Cleaning sesh is cathartic or a nuisance, there are a few chores that really should be done frequently but are easily forgotten among our busy lives. 


1. Scrub Your Kitchen Appliances (maybe twice).

It is so easy to microwave a bag of popcorn or frozen vegetables and not realize how dirty it makes our microwave. (After all, microwaves aren’t something we usually stick our heads in…I hope.) Take some major cleaning tools to that bad boy! You’d be surprised how dirty microwaves get so quickly. Not just microwaves though. Scrub your oven, stovetops, dishwasher, blender, or whatever other kitchen appliance you use frequently. These are things that we use so often but forget about so easily! It is especially important to clean these thoroughly if you live with multiple people. We really only keep track of when we use appliances, and do not realize that we’re sharing with 2, 3, potentially 4 other people who are all contributing to the mess. 


2. Deep Clean Your Car (inside and out).

This has got to be the mot important chore of all. It’s not exactly practical to get your car completely detailed, but chances are that your car needs some major attention—especially after the winter we had! If you are short on time, go ahead and bring it through a car wash, but it really deserves more treatment than the “Basic Wash.” Winters in Maine destroy our cars, inside and out. Make sure whatever you do to clean your car includes taking care of underneath it too. The purpose of this is to make sure you avoid exposure to salt damage and rust. We also track a lot of dirt into our cars, so getting special carpet cleaners to remove the dirt will prevent your car from smelling like mold and will keep the insides looking nice and new! 


3. Out With The Old, In With The New.

New season, new cleaning supplies. Am I right? I get that cleaning supplies take a chunk out of our monthly expenditures but I can guarantee that a new bottle of all-purpose cleaner will work much better than the one you took from your parents' house back in freshman year. New cleaning supplies includes the essentials like dish sponges, brooms/mops, disinfecting wipes, bathroom cleaners, and every other standard household cleaning item you can think of. Think of all the dust that is collected in that one broom you use every day. How about the food remnants that get stuck in your dish sponges…yuck! Treat yo’ self with new cleaning supplies, just so you don’t have to think about how gross your old ones probably are. 


4. Rid The Fridge.

Not doing this often is definitely something I know I am very guilty of. For someone who eats out 50% of the time I am a total food hoarder (yes, I know I should stop eating out so much). But take the time to go through your fridge and throw away anything that is expired or that you don’t eat/use. There is no use in keeping items that simply take up space. While you’re going through, wipe down all of the shelving, change your Brita filter, and make sure the fridge is in tiptop shape. Fridges are also one of those kitchen things that we forget about so easily that gets really dirty really quickly. Dirty fridges can cause bacteria problems, or even just a nasty odor. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that avocado you were looking for last week! 


5. Cleanse Your Closet. 

Easily one of the most upsetting things to do. Nobody likes parting with their once loved clothes but sometimes you just have to. Go through your closet and decide whether you really need two of those white long sleeve t-shirts that you bought a couple years ago. Take pleasure in knowing that getting rid of these clothes means they can go to someone who will love them and really need them. Once you’ve made a “going away” pile, organize everything, from your shoes to your gym shirts—I’m nuts about organization and like to color-code my closet but that’s up to you of course. Going through your closet is something that we usually don’t do simply because it can be so heartbreaking to part ways with some of your fave items, but organizing/removing things in your closet is seriously so rewarding. Plus, it creates space for more things to buy! 


I know it’s hard to keep your head in the game while balancing schoolwork, social life, work, etc., but spring cleaning is something you really must do—from cleaning your countertop surfaces to scrubbing your kitchen appliances. Plan out your weekly schedule sometime and take a day off from work and dedicate it to cleaning up. You’ll feel so much better once it’s all completely finished, and then you can finally begin to enjoy the weather getting warmer. After all, there’s really nothing more beautiful than Spring at UMaine!  


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