College Edition: 5 Things to do When You're Feeling Lonely

As a college student living on campus, you often find yourself stuck in your dorm room with nothing to do. I’ve learned that this is completely normal. You’re living at your college for a semester or two, you most likely won’t be active every minute you’re there. However, having too much alone time with your thoughts can get kind of lonely. As someone who hasn’t made many friends yet, I used to find that I compare what others were doing to what I was doing. I would see people having a good time and would automatically think that I shouldn’t be alone in my dorm, that I should always be out with friends. But I was wrong. I eventually realized that doing things on your own is quite relaxing and exceptional for your mental health. You find new facts about yourself and your surroundings that you wouldn't unravel with other company. But finding things to do on your own is quite difficult when it comes to enjoying your alone time. Below, I have compiled a list of ways to deal with your loneliness when your negative thoughts have taken over.

1. Go for a walk or a run on campus. This is perfect because it causes you get up and be active. No matter if you’re working off a sweat or just enjoying nature, you’re moving your body in a different way than you were before. Being surrounded by trees and fresh air is beneficial in your physical health and your mental health. Get up and go for a walk, you won’t regret it.

2. Declutter and reorganize your space. Sitting in a cluttered room can cause anxiety and stress. Sweep, vacuum, clean, and organize everything around you. Not only will this make your area look cleaner, but it will also make it easier to concentrate and move around more freely. Put some cheerful music on, get your Swiffer Sweeper out and dance around like no one is watching. Like stated before, moving around and being active is quite important when feeling down. It causes those negative thoughts to flow out, allowing new and positive ones to circle through.

3. Journal or write down your thoughts. This allows you to become more aware of how you’re feeling and express your inner thoughts. Journaling can help identify why you’re feeling the way you are, whether that be happy or sad. It doesn’t have to follow any structure, just write down whatever comes to mind. Let those thoughts flow out on paper. This can be extremely beneficial in growth and having a positive mindset.

4. Grab a cup of coffee and study. Studying in your dorm room can get old. Or if you’re like me, I get distracted by the little things in my dorm that spark my interest. Studying in a café or a library changes up your usual scenery, making your day increasingly interesting. It also allows you to see new faces. You might even meet a new person. Be open to that. Who knows, that person could be your forever friend. If you don’t meet someone, don’t let yourself down. Take this alone time and become more knowledgeable in a course you’re studying or online shop. This is your time, do what makes you happy.

5. Listen to a self-love or self-motivating podcast. The past few months, I’ve been enjoying a new podcast about self-love and becoming more confident in yourself. Whenever I’m feeling down on myself or when I’m feeling lonely, I always count on my podcasts to cheer me up. It’s hearing those positive words that aid me in becoming more grateful for the alone times that I have.